Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Chongjin Economic Development Zone
The Chongjin Economic Development Zone concentrates on the manufacturing of processed metal products, machinery, building materials, electronics and light industry goods and export processing, with a combination of transit trade through the port of Chongjin.

The development mode is that of setting up joint venture companies between local businesses and foreign investors or individual development companies of foreign investors, and the period is 50 years.

The zone covers an area of 5.4 square kilometres, namely parts of Wolpho-ri, Namsok-ri and Susong-dong of Songphyong District, Chongjin, North Hamgyong Province, near the port of Chongjin.

It is provided with full conditions favourable for the development.

It is about 5 km away from the port of Chongjin, some 92 km from the Hoeryong border bridge, 96 km from the Namyang border bridge, 127 km from the Tumangang Railway Station and 56 km from Orang Airport, a very favourable condition for carrying in and out materials.

Pyongyang-Tumangang, Pyongyang-Musan and Pyongyang-Onsong railway lines pass through the zone and it has the large-capacity Kundong switch yard. It is also directly linked to the Chongjin-Rajin, Chongjin-Hamhung, Chongjin-Hoeryong and Chongjin-Musan roads.

A 3G fibre optic cable communication line needed for international communications and mobile communication network have already been built in the zone.

The Chongjin Thermal Power Station stands near it, a reliable guarantee of good electric power and heating supply service.

The water resources of the nearby Susong and Namsok rivers are abundant and there is a conduit for industrial water from them. And inexhaustible is the source of sand on the lower reaches of the Susong River, an important material for construction.

The terrain is flat, 7-10 metres above sea level, mostly with a gradient of less than 1° and about two percent has a slope under 20°.

In the Namsok-ri area of the EDZ secondary and tertiary metal processing bases are planned to be built to use the metal products of the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex, a large ferrous metallurgical plant of the country. And those for manufacturing machinery, electronic equipment, building materials and light industry goods and export processing ones are to be built in some areas of Wolpho-ri and Susong-dong. They will focus on the production and bonded processing of hydraulic machines, precision machines, robots, vehicles and rolling stock by using the products of the Ranam Coal-mining Machine Complex, Chongjin Bus Factory, Chongjin Chemical Fibre Mill and other factories and enterprises and metal processing products to be made in the Namsok-ri area.

The EDZ is built in the direction of developing freight transit transport, bonded processing and trade through the Chongjin-Musan and Chongjin-Namyang railway lines via the port of Chongjin and raising the proportion of technology-intensive processing industry by relying on the rich scientific and technical resources in and around the zone.

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