Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Events of UAWK Held
The Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea sponsored an experience-share meeting of officials and an exhibition of its achievements at the Central Hall of Workers on December 5 to mark the first publication anniversary of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's work On Improving the Role of the UAWK in Accomplishing the Juche-Oriented Socialist Cause.

The experience-share meeting heard the successes made in the efforts to build up the organizations of the union into militant ranks strong in organizing ability and cohesion, true to the important tasks set forth in the work of the Supreme Leader.

Speakers noted that they have conducted in various forms and ways and in a fresh manner the five-point education, the essence of which is education in the greatness of the great leaders, regarding it as a general task of the union to train all its members into the genuine Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist.

Presented to the exhibition were 230-odd exhibits, visual aid materials and multimedia programs of over 30 kinds showing the successes made by the central committee of the union and its organizations at all levels in the past one-year activities to carry out the tasks advanced in the letter of the Supreme Leader to the participants in the 8th Congress of the UAWK.


Agricultural Sci-Tech Exhibition and Presentation Opens

The 2017 national exhibition and presentation of successes made in the agricultural science and technology was opened with due ceremony at the Institute of Agricultural Science on December 5.

The exhibition and presentation is divided into panels of agricultural crop seeds, scientific farming, agricultural chemistry, biological agrochemicals and veterinary science and animal husbandry.

Presented to it are more than 100 data on sci-tech achievements conducive to applying the scientific farming and stepping up the work to put agricultural production on a scientific and modern basis.
On display are more than 300 exhibits of 220-odd kinds.

Present at the opening ceremony were Pak Thae Dok, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea; Ko In Ho, vice-premier of the Cabinet and minister of Agriculture; Kim Sung Du, chairman of the Education Commission; officials concerned, and officials, scientists, technicians, teachers and postgraduate students from scientific and educational institutions and agricultural production units.

The exhibition and presentation will last until December 7.


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