Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Japan's Arms Buildup Will Lead to Destruction
Japan is working hard to secure a capability for a "preemptive" attack on the DPRK.

Prime Minister Abe at a meeting of the Upper House on November 22 said "it is necessary to positively consider the access to the capability for a preemptive attack on enemy bases" in order to protect the lives of people and peace from "missile attack by north Korea."

Earlier, Defense Minister Onodera said Japan is considering the access to the capability for attacking overseas missile bases. The lawmakers who participated in a meeting sponsored by the supra-partisan lawmakers' league asserted "it is important to strike the base of north Korea just before missile launch", underlining the "need to discuss the Self-Defense Forces' access to the capability for mounting an attack on enemy bases."

Such moves of the Abe regime are very risky ones that only increase tensions in the region and pose a grave threat to peace in Asia and the world.

Japan has been crazy about the moves for emerging a military giant since its defeat. But it has never openly talked about a "preemptive attack" and "overseas aggression" like now.

SDF's operation sphere had been confined to Japan's territorial air and sea. But such military strategy underwent a change long ago under the strategy of "the exclusive defense".

The Japanese reactionaries, regarding the "war on terrorism" launched by the US in the 21st century as a golden chance for realizing its wild ambition for reinvasion, projected it as a flagship of its security policy to "counter the threat of terrorism" and shaped an offensive military strategy.

According to the modified "Japan-US Defense Cooperation Guidelines," SDF's operation sphere covers the whole world.

The Abe cult has gone beyond the red line in its militarist moves to realize the wild scheme for reinvading Korea and the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere." It is now trying to carry them out in practice.

Actually, the Japanese reactionaries are pushing ahead with the project for developing and acquiring equipment for increasing its attack capabilities, as evidenced by its development of Tomahawk cruise missiles capable of striking ground targets from escort ships.

The Japan Defense Ministry recently decided to push ahead with a plan for adding the capability for striking ground targets to its anti-ship cruise missiles whose development will start next year and to allot the budget of 7.7 billion yen to the manufacture of a trial product until 2022.

Against this backdrop, the Japanese reactionaries are busy spreading a story about "threat from north Korea" at home and abroad in a bid to create an atmosphere for supporting its access to the capability for preemptive attack.

It is their ill design to reform the SDF in an offensive formation and modify the Constitution by inciting hostility toward the DPRK and hyping "security crisis" throughout Japanese society under the pretext of "missile threat" from the DPRK.

The Korean nation and the international community are closely watching the reckless military moves of Japan to seek its own interests by playing a flagship role in carrying out the US strategy for dominating Asia.

Its crazy drive of militarist chariot with the backing of the US will only plunge it into an abyss of ruin.


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