Wednesday, December 20, 2017

US Attempt to Use Non-lethal Weapons against DPRK
US media recently spread a story about the development of microwave weapons targeted on the rockets of the DPRK.

NBC News and CNN reported that the White House discussed the use of microwave weapon on trial in order to neutralize the nuclear weaponry of the DPRK in August last.

With regard to this, a spokesman for the US Air Force Institute stressed that if a war with the DPRK breaks out, such weapon would paralyze the electronic circuits of its rockets and prevent them from firing and that such action would never require any blitz nor cause casualties on the part of the enemy side.

The keynote of the above-said claim is that the US can destroy the DPRK's ICBMs capable of striking the whole US territory in their launching bases and it intends to ignite a "humanitarian war" by means of non-lethal weapons.

Its noisy talk about "war" is not surprising as Trump once cried out for totally destroying the DPRK. But it is something which cannot be overlooked that it has put up the card of non-lethal weapon use all of a sudden.

Now Americans are getting vocal in their opposition to the use of force against the DPRK with their increasing fear and uneasiness of being exposed to the attack by its nuclear forces which have put the whole US territory in the strike range.

This troubles the Trump administration and war maniacs of the US military who are pining hope on the use of force, obsessed with megalomania.

Against this backdrop, they raised the issue of non-lethal weapon development to calm down the anti-war sentiments of the public at home and abroad and justify their scenario for igniting a war against the DPRK.

It is just a red herring to cover up their bloody acts of aggressive war against humanity and civilization.

On November 30, the US Department of Defense issued a statement that it would lift the ban on the use of cluster bomb internationally recognized as WMD, asserting that it is "badly needed for maintaining strong military muscle" and it remains a "safe weapon."

A cluster bomb sends out smaller bombs when exploding to cause mass destruction. Its use is banned by an international treaty.

The above-said decision betrays the true colours of the US which is touting a "humanitarian war without victims on the part of the enemy side."

In the final analysis, the US talk about "use of non-lethal weapon" is just a sophism to create public impression that the second Korean war, a global thermonuclear war, will be safe and thus secure a justification for provoking the war.

The US, employing all sorts of trickery to provoke a new war, is just the wrecker of global peace and security.

The US moves once again prove the necessity and justice of the DPRK's measures for bolstering its war deterrent.

The international community should heighten their vigilance against the US sinister attempt to plunge the world into the crucible of war.


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