Tuesday, February 06, 2018

DPRK Machine-Building Industry
The machine-building industry has been the core of the DPRK’s heavy industry.

The basic direction of its development is to build a self-supporting, modern machine-building industry that is developed in an all-round way, fed by locally available raw and other materials, and equipped with advanced technology, so as to meet all other economic sectors’ demand for modern machinery.

Strenuous efforts are being made for the technological upgrading of heavy-industry equipment including machine tools, precision machines, extractive machines and power-generating machines, light-industry equipment including textile and foodstuff-processing machines, and means of transport including trucks and ships.

The machine-building industry strives to equip itself with cutting-edge facilities, upgrade its production lines by improving the performance of existing machinery and equipment and forming flexible manufacturing cells, and resolve the problem of measuring equipment and tools. On the basis of the latest advances in machine-building technology it designs and manufactures modern, new-type machines of the international standard and launches serial production of them.

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