Tuesday, February 06, 2018

DPRK Foreign Minister Sends Letter to UN Chief
Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho on January 31 sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as regards the dangerous military moves against the positive trend of the times towards inter-Korean rapprochement and d├ętente in the Korean peninsula.

Good results have been produced in the inter-Korean dialogue according to the DPRK’s generous and proactive overture to provide a favourable atmosphere for rapprochement and the international community fully supports and welcomes it in the hope that the trend of eased tension in the peninsula would go on, the letter said, but the US authorities are misleading the public by describing the dialogue as a result of the unprecedented sanctions and pressure they imposed on the DPRK and intentionally try to aggravate the situation by shipping strategic assets including nuclear aircraft carrier strike groups around the peninsula.

The US has announced that it would stage an aggressive large-scale joint military drill against the DPRK after the Winter Olympics, it said, adding the DPRK will as ever work hard to improve inter-Korean relations but will never look on with folded arms as the US does such ill-conceived acts of pouring cold water over its efforts.

The UN should not keep mum about the dangerous acts of the US that are likely to strain the situation in and around the peninsula and plunge the whole world into a holocaust of nuclear war, it noted, expressing the hope that the UN Secretary-General, true to his mission bestowed by the UN Charter, would pay serious attention and direct efforts to putting a full stop to the US’ deployment of nuclear war equipment and other rackets to provoke a nuclear war.

It demanded that, for the present, he welcome the process of improving inter-Korean relations and bring up the matter of restraining neighbouring countries from doing anything that disturbs it for discussion at the UN Security Council on the basis of Article 6, Chapter 2 of the procedural rules of the UNSC.

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