Tuesday, May 08, 2018

DPRK Banner of Independence, Beacon of Humanity: Strategic Line for Building a Powerful Socialist Country
The Juche-oriented revolutionary theory indicates the strategic line for building a powerful socialist country in a scientific way.

The permanent strategic line in building a powerful socialist country is the general line of socialist construction and the spirit of self-development first.

The strategic line is, first of all, the general line of socialist construction of vigorously carrying out the three revolutions–ideological, technological and cultural–while strengthening the people’s government and enhancing its functions and role.

The people’s government is a powerful tool for building a socialist power.

It represents the people’s right to independence, who are the masters of the state and society, and exercises the right to provide unified guidance to all the undertakings in the building of a powerful socialist nation. Through such activities it fully discharges its role as the representative of the people’s right to independence, the orchestrator of their creative abilities, the administrator responsible for their livelihood and the guardian of their independent and creative activities. To serve the people is precisely the basic mission of the people’s government.

Accordingly, apart from its functions and role, it is impossible not only to supervise and control in a unified way all realms of social life, including politics, the economy and culture, and all areas of the country and their development but also to realize the people’s dreams and ideals. Only when we strengthen the people’s government as a powerful political weapon and steadily enhance its functions and role can we ensure the full right to independence and creative activities of the masses of the people, firmly defend the socialist system and give full play to the might of collectivism, and thereby step up socialist construction.

While the people’s government is a powerful weapon for building a socialist power, the three revolutions is the basic way to this end. They are elements of the continuous revolution to be carried out in the whole course of socialist construction and the highest stage of the revolution aimed at realizing the independence of the people.

Through the three revolutions, the whole society is imbued with one ideology and united at a high level, and rapid progress is made in economic and cultural construction. As a result, the goals for building a thriving country can be attained.

Only when we speed up the technological and cultural revolutions while giving decisive precedence to the ideological revolution can we firmly defend our ideology, system and culture from the imperialists’ anti-socialist schemes and make socialism as different in all respects from capitalism as heaven is from earth, and thereby successfully build a socialist power.

For this reason, the general line of socialist construction constitutes the permanent strategic line in building a powerful socialist country.

What is next important in the strategic line is to uphold the spirit of self-development first.

The spirit is the revolutionary spirit of strengthening the motive force of a nation and opening up the path ahead of it by relying on its own efforts, technology and resources.

It sets self-development as the basic principle to be consistently maintained in the revolution and construction.

Self-development is the might that makes one strong on one’s own. It means that one builds up one’s might by dint of one’s own forms of struggle and creation, independent of other’s support. The mental spirit of self-reliance and self-development and the scientific and technological strength constitute the main contents of the capacity for self-development. It is precisely the spirit of self-development that builds up the capacity for self-development and solves all problems arising in the revolution and construction in reliance on it, from the viewpoint and attitude of regarding it as the basic principle for the revolution and construction.

The basis of this spirit is the great leaders’ revolutionary idea that a country must carry out the revolution on its own, and the form of struggle for applying it is self-reliance and fortitude. It demands that primary efforts be directed to building up the capacity for self-development in the revolution and construction, that all problems be resolved by relying on its own efforts, technology and resources and that big-power worship, dependence on foreign forces and proclivity to import be thoroughly rejected with independent faith and revolutionary self-respect.

This spirit is an almighty sword for building a powerful socialist country. There is no other way but to build up one’s own might in consolidating the national strength. History eloquently proves that there has never been a power that helps other country and nation develop and that dependence on big powers leads to national ruin.

Therefore, in order to frustrate the imperialists’ ever-worsening economic sanctions and isolation-and-stifling schemes and build a socialist power, it is imperative to hold fast to this spirit as the permanent strategic line.

Only when we reject big-power worship and dependence on foreign forces by displaying the spirit of self-development first and push forward the revolution and construction in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude in reliance on our own efforts, technology and resources, can we further consolidate our country’s might as a political and military power and speed up the building of an economic giant and a civilized power, and thus fly the flag of victory on the peak of a powerful socialist country at the earliest possible date.

Pak Chun Ran

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