Thursday, June 07, 2018

Japan Should Make Right Choice Under New Situation
Japan looks very anxious after being nudged out of the trend of the rapidly developing situation on the Korean peninsula.

Prime Minister Abe, Foreign Minister Kono and other politicians of Japan are bustling about, asking other countries to "cooperate in putting maximum pressure" on the DPRK.

In the Middle East, Europe and America, they are oft-repeating the rubbish about "escalation of pressure" and "settlement of abduction issue."

However, their lone voice being at odds with the current situation failed to get a positive response.

Japan is trumpeting about "pressure", unaware of how the situation changes and what others think of, only to be derided by the international community.

"Only Japan has been left out of mosquito net." Such public criticism is getting louder in Japan and "passing Japan" has become an idiomatic expression worldwide. In this context, Japan should ponder over its behaviour.

Efforts for dialogue to achieve permanent and durable peace and prosperity are steering the development of situation now in the Korean peninsula and the region, and this is being hailed by the world.

Witnessing the current situation of the peninsula, the international community realizes more keenly that dialogue and confidence-building are the key to resolving matters and unilateral pressure and hostility deteriorate the situation.

However, Japan is seeking its egoistic interests only in the handling of the issue of peace and security on the Korean peninsula and other parts of the world. So, it is being isolated, contrary to its original intention of "active involvement."

The point is that Japan is bound to be ridiculed by the international community and driven out of history if it persists in escalating confrontation with the DPRK under the pretext of the already resolved "abduction issue", failing to acclimatize itself to the new situation.

Japan had better do everything with good intent, instead of hanging about with bad intent.

It should make a right choice, though belatedly, if it does not want to add to its past crimes.

It should drop its wild ambition and redress its past crimes committed against the Korean nation before doing anything else.

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