Sunday, July 29, 2007

DRC President Kabila Expected Monday in Angola

DR Congo President Expected Monday in Luanda

Luanda, 07/29 РThe head of State of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Joseph Kabila, is expected Monday in Luanda for a two-day official visit to Angola, at the invitation of his local counterpart, Jos̩ Eduardo dos Santos.

According to a note from the Foreign Ministry, Congo president’s visit to Angola is intended to strengthen existing ties of friendship and fraternity between the two countries and peoples and relaunch areas of perspective cooperation.

Joseph Kabila rose as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, following the assassination of his father and predecessor, Laurent-Desiré Kabila, in January 2001.

In December 2006, as a result of the country’s first general elections he won, Joseph Kabila took office as head of State.

A central Africa nation accorss Angola’s northeastern border, the Democratic Pepublic of Congo (formerly Zaire Republic) is the continent’s largest in size, with fertile soils and rich in minerals like copper and cobalt, and a population of about 60 million inhabitants.

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