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Somali Opposition Congress Meets to Formulate Strategy


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Somali Congress for Liberation and Reconstitution concludes setting up Alliance, electing Leadership and mapping out work program

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Sep 14, 2007, 14:32

Asmara, 14 September 2007 – The Somali Congress for Liberation and Reconstitution that was in progress here in Asmara since September 6, successfully concluded today setting up Alliance for Somalia’s Reconstitution and electing the Leadership, as well as mapping out work program. The closing session was attended by ministers and other senior Eritrean government officials, senior PFDJ heads and diplomats accredited to Eritrea.

In Yesterday’s session, Congress participants set up an Alliance for Reconstitution of Somalia and unanimously elected Sheik Sherif Sheik Ahmed as Chairman of the Alliance and that of the Executive Council, as well as Sherif Hassan Sheik Adem as Chairman of the Central Council.

Speaking on the occasion, Sheik Sherif Sheik Ahmed commended the people and Government of Eritrea under the leadership of President Isaias Afwerki for creating the opportunities to all Somali nationalists to sit in roundtable and discuss the liberation and reconstitution of their country. He further underlined that with the conclusion of the Congress, the Somali people are entering a new stage of unity, struggle and reconstitution.

Stating that the Asmara Congress occupies a very significant chapter in the history of the Somali people, Sheik Sherif Sheik Ahmed pointed out that the Alliance, applying all legal means, would work to drive out the invading forces of the Meles regime through coordinating and uniting all Somali forces that oppose colonialism.

Similarly, the Chairman of the Alliance’s Central Council, Sherif Hassan Sheik Adem, indicated that all basic Somali forces participated in the Congress and asserted that the work program mapped out would serve the interest of the Somali people. In this regard, he expressed confidence that the set objective would be realized.

Also speaking at the closing session, the PFDJ Secretary, Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed Seid, congratulated participants for the significant and encouraging outcome of the Congress. He also indicated that the Congress had proven that Somalis have the capacity to resolve their issues themselves provided they are given the opportunity to do so without external interference.

Emphasizing the need for Congress participants and indeed the entire Somali people to work together in a spirit of unity and trust through avoiding tribal differences on which enemy quarters may capitalize, Mr. Al-Amin underscored that the people and Government of Eritrea hold firm conviction and stance that the Somali issue is legitimate and that the Somali people are entitled to exercise self-determination without any external interference.

Likewise, the spokesman and former Information Minister, Dr. Zekaria Mahmoud Abdu, told journalists that the Congress concluded successfully and that the struggle of the Somali people under the leadership of the Alliance for Reconstitution of Somalia would culminate in victory.

Congress for the Liberation and Reconstitution of Somalia (CLRS)

Final Communiqué

The congress for the Liberation and Reconstitution of Somalia (CLRS) met in the Eritrean capital, Asmara, during 6-14 September 2007. The conference has established an Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS), elected its leadership and adopted an action plan.

After extensive and in-depth discussions of the national situation, the CLRS has resolved that:-

1. Somalia is the victim of a US backed Ethiopian occupation that has trampled on the integrity and dignity of the devoted Muslim people of Somalia, and has wreaked havoc on their lives and property. The occupying forces have committed untold crimes against our people, deliberately destroyed our capital and brutally displaced hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens. This wanton disregard for human life and the daily indignities of military occupation constitute the darkest moment in our history.

2. The most important and overriding task for every Somali today is the liberation of our country from the Ethiopian invaders. Resistance to the occupation is a legitimate and sacred right; it is a national duty as well as religious obligations for all citizens. The firm defiance to foreign aggression has foiled the attempts of our enemies to crush all Somali patriotic forces, impose their agents on our people, and thereby prevent the rise of a free, united, strong and prosperous Somalia. Accordingly, ARS attaches particular urgency to strengthening all forms of resistance in order to expedite the liberation of our country.

3. Parallel to the overriding task of liberating Somalia, the ARS will launch a political offensive for the reconstitution of the country. This is an inclusive Somali-Somali process involving all stakeholders and is designed to settle all outstanding issues, including the important question of Somaliland, and rebuild the national state and its institutions.

4. The ARS will not enter into any talks with the so-called Transitional Federal Government (TFG) before a complete withdrawal of the Ethiopian occupation army from Somalia.

5. The ARS demands the withdrawal of Ugandan troops from our country since their presence is illegal and has become at present part of the occupation force. The Alliance reaffirms that any external military forces, African or otherwise, can only be deployed- if such measure is deemed necessary- with the consent of all Somali stakeholders, including that of the ARS.

6. The ARS calls on Kenya to end its complicity with the Ethiopian occupation; and, refrain from illegal detention and harassment of innocent Somalis.

7. The ARS calls on the UN, AU, LAS, OIC and NAM to condemn the armed invasion and criminal occupation of Somalia, a fellow member state of these regional and international organizations. The Alliance calls on the Security Council of the UN to take all necessary measures under Chapter Seven of its Charter to oblige Ethiopia to:-

a) Respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia.

b) Stop its massacres and wanton destruction.

c) Withdraw its army immediately, completely and without preconditions.

8. The ARS calls on the United States administration to reverse its anti-Somalia policy. The Somali people are devoted Muslims, but not terrorists. The ARS is not a terrorist organization. Therefore, the false charge of terrorism is but a pretext and a camouflage to explain away the unlawful occupation of our country and to prevent the reemergence of a free, united and prosperous Somalia that lives in peace with all of its neighbors.

9. The ARS appeals to the European Union and all European countries to exert pressure, including by suspending economic assistance, on the TPLF Government to end its illegal occupation of Somalia.

10. The ARS calls on Arab and Islamic governments and organizations to uphold their responsibility to their Somali brothers courageously and openly condemn the flagrant occupation and provide all forms of assistance to the national resistance.

11. The ARS appreciates the refusal of the Ethiopian people to support the military adventure of the TPLF regime and for their solidarity with the people of Somalia. This firm stance of the Ethiopian public refutes the allegation of the regime that Somalia constitutes a threat to Ethiopia and proves that there is no enmity between the two peoples. The Alliance calls on the Ethiopian people to intensify their opposition to the war which is detrimental to both nations.

12. The ARS values highly the resistance and great sacrifices of the Somali people and their heroic fighters for they have proven that their determination and their just cause is stronger than the military armor of the invaders and their backers.

13. The ARS expresses its thanks to the people and government of Eritrea for upholding the historic brotherhood between the people of Somalia and Eritrea; and, for supporting the people of Somalia in this hour of their greatest need.

14. The ARS holds in high regard all governments, organizations and peoples who have condemned the illegal occupation of Somalia and provided support to the Somali people and their resistance.

Asmara, September 14th 2007

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