Sunday, November 25, 2007

Right of Return to the Gulf: Statement of the National Organizing Committee for the Reconstruction Party


These are critical times that call for clear political vision and bold action. The 2008 US elections are going to determine the course of US imperialism and the course of its neo-liberal agenda in the US itself and across the globe for the next generation. None of the political parties are addressing the critical problems specific to this election or the systemic problems of national oppression, patriarchy, neo-liberalism, and imperialism underlining them that plague us, such as: the neo-liberal reconstruction and Black ethnic cleansing of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast; the resurgence of blatant white supremacist attacks throughout the country (Jena being just one of numerous examples); the mortgage crisis and the deflation of the finance driven economy; the wars of imperialist aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti and the irrational threats of invasion against Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela; and the rapidly escalating crisis of global warming and ecocide.

The twin parties of imperialism cannot address these crises without aggravating them further with their neo-liberal agendas and interests. A new party is needed to confront these crises, one rooted in the grassroots struggles and leadership of Black, oppressed, and working class peoples. The Reconstruction Party, an initiative growing out of the Gulf Coast Self-Determination and Reconstruction Movement, has the historic opportunity and obligation to be this instrument.

As a partisan participant in the Black Liberation Movement and the Gulf Coast Self-Determination and Reconstruction Movement, I want to encourage all partisans of these and other movements for social justice and radical transformation to join the initiative of building this party and forming a real alternative in the “belly of the beast”.

In Unity and Struggle,

Statement of the National Organizing Committee for the Reconstruction Party

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

It is time for the Gulf Coast Reconstruction Movement to move to its next and logical phase, which is the contest for political power if we are truly to have a just and equitable reconstruction of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We cannot rely on the failed politicians and parties, namely the Democratic and Republican parties, which were complicit in the lack of preparation, failure to rescue, and refusal to advance the right to return for the hundreds of thousands of our people who continue to be displaced.

We call upon our friends and supporters from around the country to support the formation of the Reconstruction Party, which is needed to address the myriad problems of institutional racism, national oppression, class domination, historical poverty and sexism which plagues working people throughout this country.

We ask that you join us in forming Local Organizing Committees of the Reconstruction Party across the country with the following goals:

1) to assist us in developing and contributing to the platform of a Reconstruction Party that can really begin to (re)ignite the Black Liberation Movement and the workers' struggle for power;

2) to promote the campaigns of the Reconstruction Movement structured in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast around the right of return, a just and equitable reconstruction, and reparations;

3) to build support for the presidential campaign of Sister Cynthia McKinney, who was a convener of the International Tribunal on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, held in New Orleans from Aug. 28 to Sept. 2, 2007, and who has issued a public statement urging support for the Reconstruction Party.

(4) to promote running Reconstruction Party candidates at the local and state levels once a platform for the Reconstruction Party is approved.

Sister McKinney stated:
"I declare my support for the formation of an independent Reconstruction Party in the United States. ... During my election campaign, I will work with Black and working class activists to help get this Reconstruction Party off the ground through Local Organizing Committees and a National Organizing Committee for the Reconstruction Party. I welcome the formation of these committees for a Reconstruction Party and urge them to get fully behind my 'Power to the People' national electoral coalition for 2008."

We welcome support for this Reconstruction Party organizing campaign. People interested in sending letters of endorsement and financial contributions to help get this effort off the ground, can contact us at ( and at Tel. 504-931-7614.

Signed by initial signatories of the National Organizing Committee for the Reconstruction Party

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