Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Former Namibian President Sam Nujoma Praises Cuba Solidarity

Sam Nujoma Praises Cuba Solidarity with Namibia

Havana, March 17 (acn) Sam Nujoma, who was Namibia’s first President (1990-2005), reiterated his gratefulness to the Cuban government for its valuable contribution to the independence of the African nation.

A communiqué released by the Cuban Friendship Institute on Monday cites Nujoma as he underscores bilateral relations between Havana and Windhoek.

More recently, Sam Nujoma also demanded the immediate release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters held for nearly ten years now in US prisons. René González, Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González, Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero are serving extremely long and unfair prison sentences in the United States.

The antiterrorist fighters, known around the world as The Cuban Five, were collecting information on ultra-right and anti-Cuba groups based in South Florida, which have carried out terrorist actions against the Cuban people over the past five decades.

Sam Nujoma also condemned Washington’s hostile Cuba policy and the over 45-year US economic, financial and commercial blockade of the Caribbean archipelago.

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