Monday, April 21, 2008

Update on the Condition of Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts

1love malaika wrote:

Greetings Family,

Ibn is making slow but sure progress. They took him off the ventilator and put a feeding tube into his stomach. He is still unconscious and unresponsive, but he is fluttering his eyelids and moving his feet even more, like he's moving to an internal rhythm.

PRAYER DOES CHANGE THINGS!! When Ibn first went in the hospital he was not moving at all, so we know our prayers for him are effective!

Members of the community held a spirited prayer vigil for Ibn at Belle Isle at 6:30 this (Sunday) morning. Ibn's wife, Gloria, asked us to pray that they stop the bleeding in his brain, that he doesn't contract an infection and that he becomes more responsive.

So, Please, whenever you think of Ibn, keep those requests foremost on your heart. and remember:

Difficult moments, SEEK THE MOST HIGH.
Painful moments, TRUST THE MOST HIGH.
Every moment, THANK THE MOST HIGH.

The following is an e-mail that Ibn sent from Ghana when the bleeding first started:

peace and blessingz to all / a luta continuua and much respect to all . . .

jujunote #55 . . . for mother pitts /

notez from mother ghana afrika -

from early on feb. 14th , 2008 a slight nose bleed while riding a bike in the early afrikan red clay landz / u stop and douse ur head
w/ water and force ur head back until the blood congealz /

u preceed home and bathe only to find just after midnight again the droplet'z become like oil pipelinez of preciouz life energy - oooozing
and forcing u to cough and swallow blood /

drifting in and out of consciousnezz . . . how and why did thiz start ?

just after u fought a life and death struggle w/hamitand godz
from a deep desert windsong prayer the creator of my life whispered
"fight hard my son!" "never give in to the ghost!" - from early after the
midnite hour my nose had bleed until almost twenty-four'z /

losing much blood and two hospitalz and an ambulance ride to boot before a real mojo healer laid handz upon the nose membrane and plugged deeper into the air channel and sealed them / forcing me to breathe through the mouth /

medicine - they called drugz and saline solutionz pluz loadz of extended love and prayerz the ghost waz sent packin . . . but only to find that the many dreamz and conversationz rendered in the otherworld cosmology or at least bitz and piecez of pomez composed highlighting the keen presence of ancestral improvizational conversationz between ur favorite love godz creating ur birth . . . /

she'd finally agreed to go to ur father'z side /

it took awhile for it to register that my centerian mother (103 and
242 dayz) had made her transition into ancestrydom - az l and l had
talked those seven dayz and dreamed far reaching trying to syncretic
an extended metaphorz of why at that juncture l waz in the hospital doing a battle royal overstanding eyeball to eyeball w/the hawk . . .

waking up in the middle of darknezz and sweat just oozing from every pore in ur body /

grasping for answerz of talkin' w/ flying keen aware godz and angelz /

mama looking so queenly royal and walkin upright instead of lying in wake for uz to move her upright . . .

sh'z now fully absorbed into the trans-ferral aspect of being the supreme queen mother /

chanting her spiritual love giving philosophy one last time -

early feb 22nd in the early morning my baby sister erma had changed her gown for the second time that night and noticed the color of her fragile handz -

the majistic purple had set in . . .queen mother pitts from the red clay landz we shall mizz u /

irish / indian / afrikan queen we utter loudly of ur coming home to the heavenz swishing the air w/ afrikan broomz and hymnin' in poly-unison the evil presence away from ur sight - az ur final cycle of life completez itz full circle /

l rode az fast az l cld up the hill of death - trying desperately to snatch ur life back to afrika'z bossom - the daisy spiral - the distance between leavez of grazz /

the moon hid behind hamatand dust / the trajection of a missfired piston /

all chantz of why ur time haz come and we must step aside and fan the air . . .no more straight linez but the pure wave of line of light - spiraling heavenly az recorded in the book of l and l /

wordz recited in silent echoz to her god jesuz
here she comez - all that have been given unto her shout in thunderouz choruz she'z loved dear jesuz

she'z trully a keeper of the giver'z - faith
no longer desirez to walk the planet raz
wishez for heavenly wingz to fly heavenly bound -
she raised not only her ten children but the nationz az well
no longer watching out of windowz
emanating tearz of wisdom
by squeezing the red dawnz light beneath her wingz
knowing that it'z not l alone who lovez thiz queen mother
nor the last to be touched by her healing handz and prayerz of power wordz she uttered so faithfully

l and even l haz seen her full being
a lifetime of timelessnezz
into the heavenz
returning from whence she'd come
where forever she'll fly
amongst the ancestorz
and my father at long last haz hiz queen by hiz side -
riding the red dusty clay rural lightz az supreme beingz
paving a nu-way
afrikan journiez home
giving uz thiz sense of nu freedom
nu reflection of rselvez
guiding r willz into overstanding thine will

a love supreme
queen mother pitts
from the red clay landz of georgia
my /

our - afrikan queen
soar on into the heavenz
open and closing
giving and loving
we send u gladly
queen mother pitts . . .

ashe / asanta sana

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Margaret Davis Grimes said...

Last we heard, the great Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts is living in a nursing home: Whitehall Healthcare Center of Novi,43455 West Ten Mile Rd., Novi, Michigan 48375, 248-349-
22OO, Members of his family are all around him, especially his wife Gloria, though recently she herself had to have some surgery. We've visited Aaron several times in the past few years, and Henry has played his violin for him, with very visible signs of enjoyment from Aaron. There's a CD of Aaron performing spoken word while the Henry Grimes Trio with Andrew Lamb and Avreeayl Ra played in Indiana in 2OO5 (prior to Ibn Pori's stroke), and the CD is called "For Ibn Pori," and it is available from the family. It's a fund-raiser to help with Aaron's medical expenses, contact, which should reach Ibn Pori's wife Gloria or brother Nehemiah.