Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MOVE Incident Alert From Ramona Africa

MOVE Incident Alert From Ramona Africa

On today, May 13, 1985, 11 MOVE men, women and children were bombed, burned and shot to death in the city of Philadelphia. No police officer or city, state or federal official did one second of one moment of jail time for these horrific murders. The sole adult survivor, Ramona Africa, did seven years in prison simply for surviving that wicked day.

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The MOVE Organization wants to alert people to a situation that happened at our home at approximately 11:pm on Thurs., May 8th. About eight young Black kids (between 16 and 18 years old) were jumping up and down in the back of and walking on top of our pick-up. When one of our supporters saw them, he told them to get out of our truck.

They were getting belligerent with him and one our sisters came over and she gave them some information too. The kids got out of the truck, walked across the street and stood on the corner a few feet from our house. My brother came out and moved the truck, he parked it in front of our house.

These kids wouldn’t leave, they just stayed on the corner eying us. A couple of us, including me, went over to ask them what was going on. We asked them if they were working for the cops and if they were trying to provoke something. We made it clear who we are and what represent.

They remained belligerent and when we gave them information about who our fight is with, what we’ve been through and gave them examples about the bombing, Sean Bell, etc. they said things “we didn’t do it” and “what’s that got to do with us”. We told them that they were getting belligerent with us if the cops stopped them wouldn’t get loud with them.

One of boys got on his cell phone and told whoever he was talking to to look under his bed and get his “piece” and bring it to him”. We were out there about 45 minutes when the cops came out, 2 cars and a wagon.

This is extremely unusual because we live in a university area and the university security as well as bike cops patrol this area religiously to keep it a certain way for those students but while all of this was going on there was not one cop or university person around.

We told the cops what happened, who we are and what our position was. Then they talked to those kids. They never asked them for ID. and never responded to us telling them how one boy had told somebody to bring him his gun.

We are very suspicious about this situation. We know this system is on the hot seat about this parole issue and we also know that they would love to arrest MOVE people out here on the street. If we had got into a fight with kids, they would have arrested all of us and took our kids.

We’re just letting people know what’s going on because we think this was no random situation. We think this government is trying to provoke something in order to justify this parole decision and possibly arrest us.

Keep your eyes and ears open---Ramona

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