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West Sworn to Oppressing Developing World

West sworn to oppressing developing world

By Beata Mary Chigwedere
Zimbabwe Herald

THE Western world has no regard for human life, especially when it interferes with their intentions of amassing wealth from any corner of the globe.

This is regardless of national boundaries.

We have witnessed that the Western world, especially the United States and its allies, can destroy completely whole nations in its quest for global dominance as they have already crowned themselves superpowers in every sphere of our lives.

For instance, when they colonised Australia, the British brigands made sure that the original inhabitants, the Aborigines, were systematically exterminated such that today they are a minority in their own country.

When European immigrants established colonies in the Americas, they also systematically wiped out the indigenous peoples, the Native Americans (Amerindians), so that they could have unfettered access to America’s extensive wealth, especially land.

The Westerners are like the reindeer when it comes to their thirst for wealth accumulation.

Right now, they are busy bombing the Middle East.

They had no qualms murdering Saddam Hussein in cold blood since they saw him as an obstacle to their strategic interests.

The West has imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe because the Government dared to reclaim the land they had illegally possessed so that it could be distributed to the landless black majority.

Anglo-Saxons want Zimbabweans to remain virtual slaves in their own country while they loot their resources for their self-enrichment.

That is why they have got so many companies here, some in such strategic areas as food security where they are sabotaging the economy and making ordinary people suffer tremendous hardships so that they can vote for puppets whom they can dominate and control.

Examples from their actions in the Americas and Australia are meant to show that this is exactly what they did during the Rhodesian days.

Twenty-eight years after independence, when we are in the process of consolidating our independence, we see them sponsoring numerous non-governmental organisations, some of which are engaged in anti-establishment activities.

Since the formation of the MDC, food and humanitarian assistance by some of the Western-sponsored NGOs has been used as a political weapon, and our people are being brainwashed through these food handouts, which have also created a dependency syndrome in many people.

The post-election violence currently being experienced is a result of these divisive actions by some Western governments to ensure that they reverse the gains of our hard-won independence.

During a century of colonial rule, the people of Zimbabwe did not know any democracy from the settlers. Democracy was not for the indigenous inhabitants across the African continent.

However, as Zimbabweans, we fought a bitter and protracted liberation struggle (Second Chimurenga), that ushered in democracy for all, including those people among us who think that democracy only started with them in 1999.

We are now overly surprised to see the West championing causes such as democracy and human rights, God-given rights that they had denied the people of this country.

They are now taking advantage of our inexperienced and unknowledgeable youths, the born-frees whom they are enticing with the "change" rhetoric so that they can rally behind their principles, instead of them supporting the revolutionary principles that saw the birth of this nation.

They want to make them believe that they are masters of democracy and nothing can be done without control and guidance from the Western world.

However, Africa knows the truth now. One of the sons of Africa, founding father and former president of Zambia, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, knows where the British and Americans are trying to take Zimbabwe.

There is also nothing surprising about original churches in Zimbabwe supporting the Western policies, because when we were colonised, missionaries were sent to bolster the white man’s interests and protect them from any rivals who might oppose them.

Christianity was used as an excuse for amassing wealth for themselves. You would hear them saying: "Every African must accept himself like the poor man Lazarus in the Bible who could only enjoy himself after death but accepted poverty during his lifetime."

Because the missionaries were white, they would say to the black man: "Ngainyarare zvayo itambudzike pano pasi, ichanofara kudenga saLazarus. (It (the black man) must suffer in silence on this earth because it will have a blissful life in heaven, just like Lazarus.)"

It is time, united as a people, to tell these greedy Westerners to respect us and our territorial boundaries, and that they should stick to their own lands as well, because Zimbabwe is not an extension of Europe or America.

There is nothing wrong with Christianity because God is for us all and there is one God and no nation should try to take His place.

He is a God who blessed us with Zimbabwe and would want to see us respecting and guarding our territorial boundaries because God also means for us to derive satisfaction from the resources within our country.

As far as the world’s wealth is concerned, scientists claim that 75 percent of that wealth is in the sea.

Since Zimbabwe is a landlocked country, why do George W. Bush and Gordon Brown not turn to their seas for the accumulation of their wealth?

My appeal is that the people of Zimbabwe should unite, work hard, take pride in their identity and ensure that they protect their God-given heritage. They should also be grateful to God for making them a peace-loving nation.

They should, thus, shun violence and have due regard for every human life, for life is precious, and it is only God who has the right to give and take life.

The people of Zimbabwe should never, ever compromise this country for the sake of money or a plate of sadza.

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BCCM said...

Are you kidding me? The current adminsitration has launched an assault on minorities everywhere (including the US) using the various federal agencies at whim. Educational opportunites for minorities are a farce, the economy is fake and the political system is as fake as a three dollar bill.