Friday, July 25, 2008

Victory Won in the Foreclosure Struggle of Rubie Curl-Pinkins

Dear activists and concerned community members,

Victory was won today in the struggle to stop the foreclosure and eviction of Rubie Curl-Pinkins from her home on Holden Street in Detroit!

Today (July 25, 2008) was the date which had been set for the Pinkins family to be evicted. Instead, today Judge Susan Borman of Wayne County Circuit Court issued an Order Extending the Redemption Period and Dismissing Case.

Because of the struggle, especially last Friday's demonstration at the Pinkins home and Tuesday's protest at Bank of America (owner of Countrywide), along with the ensuing media coverage generated by this struggle, Countrywide and Trott & Trott were forced to back down and accept the redemption payment from Ms. Curl-Pinkins.

During the demonstration on Tuesday outside Bank of America, attorney Vanessa Fluker and Ms. Pinkins' daughter, Nikki Curl, went inside the bank and demanded to speak to the Vice President, who immediately agreed to meet with them. She was aware of the demonstration happening outside. Vanessa reports that she and Ms. Curl "were treated like royalty," especially when Vanessa told the VP that she had no control over the community and the outrage this case has sparked.

By the end of Tuesday, one of the bigshot lawyers at Trott & Trott called Vanessa and informed her that the Pinkins family would not be evicted as scheduled on July 25 nor the next week, and that he was "strongly recommending" to Countrywide that they work out an immediate agreement by extending the redemption period so that Ms. Pinkins could finalize her reverse mortgage and pay off the Countrywide loan.

Also on Tuesday, an attorney in Detroit emailed out the name and phone number of the Vice President and General Counsel of Bank of America at their headquarters in North Carolina, and a dozen attorneys called to demand an answer as to why Countrywide was evicting a disabled senior in Detroit.

By Thursday (yesterday), a settlement agreement was worked out with Countrywide so that Ms. Pinkins could pay off her loan with them in full. This morning, the Order was signed by Judge Borman and entered with the court.

At the Moratorium NOW! Coalition meeting tomorrow (Saturday, 1:00 p.m. at Central United Methodist Church, 4th Floor, Detroit), we will discuss holding a press conference to announce the victory and to keep up the pressure on Countrywide.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in this struggle to win justice for Rubie Curl-Pinkins! Forward in the struggle to win a moratorium on all foreclosures and evictions in Michigan!

Kris Hamel,
Moratorium NOW! activist and
Legal Assistant to Vanessa G. Fluker, Esq

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Alice Keesey Mecoy said...

Off Topic - Are you aware that John Brown, the Abolitionist, is being inducted into the National Abolition Hall of Fame the weekend of Oct 24, 2008? I am a great-great-great granddaughter of John Brown and I will be there for the ceremony. Thought some of your readers might also want to attend.

link to informaion

Alice Keesey Mecoy