Monday, February 16, 2009

Detroit: Stop The Eviction of Anthony King

Stop the Eviction of Anthony King

Stop All Foreclosures, Evictions and Utility Shutoffs NOW!

Bail Out People NOT Banks!

Press Conference and Rally
Wednesday, February 18 at 5 PM
11995 Ohio St., Detroit (north of Grand River)

Anthony King has lived in his home for 40 years. It is the only place that he has ever lived, having been born and raised there. Now he is about to lose his home. It was sold by Wells Fargo Bank at the sheriff's sale and purchased by US Bancorp. The bank wants him out now.

Wells Fargo Bank received $25 billion while US Bancorp received $$6.6 billion in taxpayers money – OUR money. In Detroit, one in five homes in are now empty. Yet the banks continue to foreclose and evict people. In Wayne County, Sheriff Evans recently ordered a halt to the sheriff's sales of foreclosed homes.

Evans cited a federal law, known as TARP, which states that foreclosures must be minimized and families maintained in their homes. He stated, however, that his office does not have the resources to determine if the banks have followed this federal law.

Furthermore, another law, known as HERA, states that the loan modifications should consider the value of the home in foreclosure when determining the modified loan principal. We know that the banks are not following this law. Therefore, ANTHONY KING'S EVICTION IS ILLEGAL.

Anthony, like so many hard working people in Detroit, has recently gone through periods of unemployment and under-employment. His employer just reduced his hours at his part-time job. He wants a full-time job, like so many of us, so that he can pay his bills. Until the economic crisis is over, we demand no more foreclosures, evictions, and utility shutoffs.

Join us at the rally in front of Anthony's home at 11995 Ohio St. on Wednesday at 5 PM. Join the growing peoples movement to stop evictions and help build a RESISTANCE against evictions and utility shutoffs.

If the dumpster shows up at Anthony's home at 11995 Ohio St, come to his home so we can stop the eviction.

Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures and Evictions
Phone: 313-887-4344
Office: Central United Methodist Church, 4th floor, 23 E. Adams (at Woodward), Detroit



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