Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oakland News Update: Lovelle Mixon, 26, Suspect in the Shooting Deaths of Four Police, Was Killed by Cops

Police: 4th Oakland officer still on life support

Associated Press Writers

OAKLAND, Calif-– A police officer shot during a traffic stop has been pronounced brain dead but remained on life support, police said Sunday, retracting an earlier statement that he had died.

Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason announced the death of 41-year-old Officer John Hege earlier Sunday but later said that Hege was being kept alive while a final decision was made about donating his organs.

Police said a 26-year-old parolee wanted on a parole violation opened fire on Hege and Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, during a traffic stop Saturday afternoon, killing Dunakin, police said.

Lovelle Mixon, the suspect, was slain later Saturday in a gunfight with police that left two more officers dead. Thomason identified those officers as 43-year-old Sgt. Ervin Romans and 35-year-old Sgt. Daniel Sakai.

Oakland police said never in the department's history had so many officers been killed in the line of duty in a single day.

The violence began when Hege and Dunakin, both on motorcycles, stopped a 1995 Buick sedan in east Oakland, Thomason said. The driver opened fire, killing Dunakin and gravely wounding Hege.

The gunman then fled on foot, police said, leading to an intense manhunt by dozens of Oakland police, California Highway Patrol officers and Alameda County sheriff deputies. Streets were roped off and an entire area of east Oakland closed to traffic.

Around 3:30 p.m. officers got an anonymous tip that the gunman was inside a nearby apartment building. A SWAT team entered the building and the gunman opened fire, police said. Romans and Sakai were killed and a third officer was grazed by a bullet, police said.

Officers returned fire, killing Mixon, Acting Oakland police Chief Howard Jordan said.

"It's in these moments that words are extraordinarily inadequate," said Mayor Ron Dellums at a somber news conference announcing the slayings.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered flags at the state capitol flown at half-staff Sunday in honor of the slain officers. He arrived in Oakland on Sunday afternoon to meet with Dellums and members of the police department.

"All four officers dedicated their lives to public safety and selflessly worked to protect the people of Oakland," he said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lost, the Oakland Police Department and law enforcement officers throughout California during this difficult time."

Police said Mixon used two different weapons: a gun at the first scene and an assault rifle at the apartment building where he was hiding.

"(Mixon) was on parole, and he had a warrant out for his arrest for violating that parole. And he was on parole for assault with a deadly weapon," said Oakland police Deputy Chief Jeffery Israel.

Police said they did not know why the officers initially stopped the suspect, but said it apparently was a routine traffic stop. Thomason said Mixon had an extensive criminal history and was wanted on a no-bail warrant.

Reached by telephone late Saturday, Dr. John S. Hege said his son loved being a policeman and recently became a motorcycle traffic patrol officer. "He liked excitement," he said.

Hege said the slain shooting suspect "was evidently terribly desperate. It is a sad story."

LaTasha Mixon, 28, of Sacramento said Sunday that her cousin was "not a monster." She said her family's prayers were with the slain officers' relatives.

"We're devastated. Everybody took a major loss. We're crushed," she said.

Family: Suspect in Oakland cop deaths feared jail

Associated Press Writers

OAKLAND, Calif. – Relatives of the man suspected of fatally shooting three Oakland police officers said Sunday the 26-year-old parolee was frustrated about not finding work and feared returning to jail.

The suspect Lovelle Mixon was slain in a gunfight with police during which two officers were killed Saturday, authorities said. Another officer was fatally shot earlier in the day and a fourth gravely wounded after the two of them pulled Mixon over for a routine traffic stop, police said.

Mixon's family gathered Sunday at his grandmother's East Oakland home, where he had stayed on and off since being released from a nine-month sentence for a parole violation, family members said.

He had previously served six years in state prison for assault with a firearm during an armed robbery in San Francisco, the family said. While he was in Corcoran state prison, he married his childhood girlfriend, they said.

Mixon's uncle, 38-year-old Curtis Mixon of Fremont, said his nephew had become depressed because he could not find work as a convicted felon. His nephew expected authorities to issue an arrest warrant for missing parole meetings, even though the he felt he was not to blame, he said.

"I think his frustration was building up, but he was trying to better himself," Curtis Mixon said.

Mixon was wanted on a no-bail warrant for violating his parole when Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, and Officer John Hege, 41, both on motorcycles, stopped a 1995 Buick sedan in east Oakland just after 1 p.m., police said.

The driver opened fire, killing Dunakin and gravely wounding Hege, Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason said.

Police initially issued a statement Sunday saying Hege had died but later backtracked, saying the officer had been declared brain dead but remained on life support while a decision was made about donating his organs.

Reached by telephone, Dr. John S. Hege said his son was attached to a ventilator and "looks fine" except for a black eye behind which the bullet was lodged.

"He does not have vital brain function to sustain life and will not regain that," Hege said, adding that the family would soon make a decision about continuing life support.

After shooting Hege and Dunakin, the gunman fled on foot, police said, leading to an intense manhunt.

Two hours later, officers found the gunman inside a nearby apartment building. When a SWAT team entered, the gunman opened fire, police said. Sgt. Ervin Romans, 43, and Sgt. Daniel Sakai, 35 were killed and a third officer was grazed by a bullet, police said.

Officers returned fire, killing Mixon, police said.

Mixon's sister, Reynete Mixon, 16, said she was sleeping when police kicked in the door and threw flash grenades, one of which struck her and caused minor burns on her leg. She said she did not know her brother was in the apartment when she fled as shots rang out.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered flags at the state capitol flown at half-staff Sunday. Schwarzenegger returned from Washington, D.C., to meet briefly with Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and members of the police department Sunday afternoon.

Police said never in the department's history had so many officers been killed in the line of duty in a single day.

Relatives and co-workers of the four officers requested privacy as they absorbed the enormity of the deaths. Oakland had never lost even two officers on the same day.

Yet some details about their lives and motivations for joining law enforcement emerged Sunday.

Friends who knew Sakai from his days at the University of California, Berkeley and his continued involvement in his college fraternity said he was married to a campus police officer and was a father. He and his family lived in Castro Valley.

Oren Levy, a fraternity brother of Sakai, said his friend grew up in Big Bear and was an accomplished mountain biker and outdoorsman who majored in forestry and graduated in 1995.

As an undergraduate at Berkeley, Sakai worked for the campus police department as a student volunteer. After graduation, Sakai spent a year in Japan teaching English.

"His honor was extremely important to him. Whenever there was a situation where someone could take the path that was less honorable, he always advocated doing the right thing," Levy said. "Being a police officer was really perfect for him."

Hege's father said his son, who lived in Concord, loved being a policeman. He worked well with people and was an Eagle Scout. He played high school football and wrestled. He umpired and coached even as a youth, and joined the Oakland Police Department reserves.

After graduating from St. Mary's College in Moraga, he taught high school physical education for a few years in nearby Hayward before joining the police department a decade ago.

He recently became a motorcycle traffic patrol officer, Hege said, adding, "He liked excitement."

As for the slain shooting suspect, Hege said, "The man was evidently terribly desperate. It is a sad story."

LaTasha Mixon, 28, of Sacramento said Sunday her cousin was "not a monster."

She said her family's prayers were with the slain officers' relatives.

"We're devastated. Everybody took a major loss. We're crushed," she said.


MardukEl said...

Payback is a muthafucka.

Paul Miller said...

Really? Really?

Let's take a quick tour of Mr. Mixon's resume:

Connected to a murder case that never went to trial. Convicted for assault with a deadly weapon (fired a round and missed during a carjacking). Violation of parole conditions. Multiple rapes against girls as young as 12. Illegal posession of firearms, one of which is completely illegal in California. Quadruple homicide.

Sounds like a real peach we're talking about here.

Hana said...

Keilyn you are such a nasty person to even say that. Shame on you.
Than man was a monster, I wonder if you would have said the same thing if you or one of your family members were one of his victims. Just look at all the things he has done. People like you are just ignorant bastards.

Hana said...

You and people like him are a waste of human life.

MardukEl said...

What about Oscar Grant? Malcolm would be proud...Freedom or death, remember?

Hana said...

I am a big Malcom fan, and no he would not be proud. Maybe you should read up about Malcom because apparently you have no idea what he stood for and what all his hard work was for. He probably would be very disappointed. He never wanted black people to become what they are now. But I guess ignorance just cant be taken out of some people no matter how much freedom you give them.

MardukEl said...

Freedom or Death. Malcolm said that. Will u attempt to justify the two million blacks in prison?

Hana said...

I don't need to justify them, they are in prison because they did something to be put in there. No one goes to a black family's house and just arrests their sons. Criminals belong in Jail. It just so happens that black men don't like to work so they resort to robbery and theft which lends them to jail. The problem starts at home, mothers let their sons wander the streets at a young age, they don't try to educate their children to give them a better life. No one is to blame but the black community themselves. Now that you have equal rights you people refuse to use them instead you go on to streets and try to hustle. Why is it that the majority of prostitutes happen to be black?

Malcom said the price of freadom is death, but you people are free. You choose not to be free because it is a easy outlet to blame on all your problems. "I got pulled over, it's cause I am black." Could it be because you were speeding? I mean seriously if you guys don't get over it soon the world is going to give up on trying to make you feel free, because you already are.

MardukEl said...

You are racist, so to try to hold an intellectual conversation with a racist is benign. The black community has been destroyed by policies such as welfare and the projects, both of which were designed by white devils with nefarious intentions. You defend a race of devils who wont even defend themselves! The chickens came home to roost and Lovelle Mixon was their guide. How about whites be held accountable for the atrocious crimes committed against the black community. You are racist because you believe blacks are inherently criminal and not that the system is racist. Lovelle Mixon is hero in heaven.

Hana said...

It is no ones fault that the black community chooses to live a lifestyle that will land them to jail. Lovelle Mixon is a murderer and he will rot in hell for that. You are defending a man that has raped 12 year old girls!!!! Have you thought of that. Fine I accept that you hate white people, and that is fine, but that you preach about a man such as him to be good, that just shocks me. He is a cold blooded criminal. How do you think that little girl felt when a full grown man inserted his penis in her little body. Still a virgin and undeveloped, she was violently raped by a grown man. By the way she was a black little girl. How can you even go and talk about him as being a hero. If he didn't die that day god knows how many little girls he would have raped. You discus me.
By the way the President sent out a letter to the families of the fallen officers, where is the letter to Mixons family. I am glad our president is a educated man and knows whats right and whats wrong.

Robert said...

Message to Certain Blacks in Oakland: I’m Tired of Your Lame Excuses

By Robert Oliver

Yes, that’s right. You love your blackness more than you love common sense, sometimes even more than your own people. Must I sue for divorce from the Black community on the grounds of mental cruelty?

I’m black. I grew up in Chicago, the most segregated city in the North. I’m from “da hood” too. There was a time I experienced racism every day for 4 years there. So I know what racism is about.

But yet, you scream, yell and protest because of a CRIMINAL who murdered four cops. They did not shoot him first. He shot them first. Is that an act of Black bravery, qualifying for the El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) Peace Prize? Is a hero now? (Remember Malcolm had to protect his family, not from white folks, not from cops, but from his own people who eventually killed him.)

You all claim you are like Palestinians in Gaza, in an “occupied territory” as if you are shut in a “prison” with nowhere to go. You are the occupiers. Who took you from Africa and put you in Oakland? Who is keeping you in slavery there? If you don’t like the “oppression,” you should do what you can to leave if you were serious. You are in a prison with unlocked jail cells. You are free to go anywhere, even to Africa, the Motherland, if you wanted to. I don’t hear about oppression in San Francisco. I don’t even hear about oppression in Los Angeles. Even blacks in Chicago don’t scream about oppression as you are doing as bad as things are there.

The whole world watches, and I’m tired of your lame excuses.

Your guy Mixon shot the cops, not even in self-defense. He pulled the trigger first, killing those four cops doing their jobs, and that makes him a Black hero, right? They did not shoot him until he had to be killed because he was killing others. This is what the Los Angeles Times says:

“In October 2007, Lovelle Mixon was released on parole after serving five years of a six-year sentence for assault with a firearm. Within months the 26-year-old Oakland resident was in trouble again, authorities said.

“In February, Mixon was placed on a parole hold as a possible suspect in a homicide in Alameda County, according to Scott Kernan, undersecretary of operations for the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Prosecutors declined to file charges in that case, saying there was not sufficient evidence, but Mixon was detained on various parole violations and sent back to prison for nine months, Kernan said.
“Here is a look at Mixon's interactions with the parole department since his Nov. 1 release from the California Correctional Center in Susanville, as reported by the department :

“Nov. 3: Mixon reports to his parole agent for an initial interview and undergoes his first mandatory drug test.

“Nov. 5: Mixon reports to Parole and Community Team, a state program that offers a broad range of services to parolees. The agency provides job placement, drug treatment and other services. During the visit, he met with his parole agent and again was tested for drugs.
“Nov. 7: Mixon's parole agent makes an initial residential visit, meeting with Mixon at his mother's home in Oakland. The agent also met with relatives of Mixon to evaluate his living conditions and who he was interacting with while on parole. During the visit, Mixon is referred by the agent to America Work, an employment service.

“Dec. 17: Mixon's parole agent makes a residential visit, also meeting with one of Mixon's cousins as part of their continuing effort to assess his family situation.

“Dec. 19: Mixon reports to the parole office and takes a drug test.

“Jan. 6: Mixon reports to the parole office and takes a drug test.

“Jan. 23: Mixon's parole agent makes a residential visit and refers Mixon to another employment service, Project Choice Employment.

“Feb. 6: Mixon reports to the parole office and takes a drug test.

“Feb. 18: Mixon's parole agent makes a residential visit but cannot locate him.

“Feb. 24: Mixon's parole agent makes another residential visit but Mixon cannot be located. The agent talks with his mother.

“Feb. 26: After another residential visit, the agent still cannot locate Mixon.

“Feb. 27: The parole agent prepares a parolee-at-large report and a warrant is issued for Mixon's arrest. The state Board of Parole Hearings suspends Mixon's parole effective Feb. 19, the day after his parole officer first failed to find him. The case is referred to the corrections department's Fugitive Apprehension Team.

“March 6: The Fugitive Apprehension Team and members of the Oakland Police Department visit three Oakland addresses, including Mixon's mother's home, his address of record. The following week, they distribute a bulletin to the Oakland Police Department. The case is also referred to the U.S. Marshals Service to check on reports that Mixon might have been in the Auburn, Wash., area. They are unable to locate him.

“March 21: Mixon is pulled over by Oakland motorcycle officers for a traffic violation shortly after 1 p.m. Authorities said he began shooting at the officers, killing Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, and fatally wounding Officer John Hege, 41. After trying to hide in a nearby apartment building where his sister lives, Mixon kills Oakland SWAT sergeants Ervin Romans, 43, and Daniel Sakai, 35, before he is shot and killed by police.”

I’m really disgusted at your lame excuses. I’m tired of your “wolf cookies.”

I could understand anger if he was shot by a cop for no reason. I could understand if he was not threatening anyone. But this man was a convicted felon on parole (assault with a handgun). He shot the cops first. Get a clue, please. Why do you all want to celebrate a criminal? I remember the good old days when we would celebrate people like Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Adam Clayton Powell and Martin Luther King, Jr. But we black people have evolved. We are more enlightened now. We have to celebrate our criminal element too, especially our cop-killas. Al Sharpton and the NAACP did that last year for black thugs who tortured, sexually assaulted, and robbed a BLACK woman in Florida. They had no pity for the victim, just for the thugs who tortured her. Are you giving the whole world the impression that blacks seem to care more about criminals than law-abiding people. This is my “I’m-embarrassed-to-be-Black” moment. I understand there a "Stop Snitching" campaign in Oakland? Why? Is it a black thing and I don’t understand? When blacks do crap to other blacks, don't tell the police, right? We have to protect our beloved criminals, right. It is the law-abiding black citizens, especially senior citizens, who live in terror of the black criminals who should go to hell right? It is your own black neighbors who live in oppression because of black thugs, not because of cops.

Why is it we do in each other in when we celebrate our own criminals?

This is what a friend wrote:

“Hi, Robert. This makes me sick to my stomach. I seriously need to plan to move from these United States of America. Some blacks are idiots, and they make me ashamed of my race with this madness. I feel for all the families involved. But he shot the cops first so they were just protecting themselves from this dangerous criminal. What is wrong with black people? He was a criminal not an advocate of any community. Black people wake up please before it’s too late.”

The black editor of the Oakland Tribune Chauncey Bailey was shot dead by a Black Muslim in 2007 in broad daylight. How many of these blacks of you marched and protested that? Were you all demanding justice? Were you all outraged when one of your own gunned down one of your own? Those who knew Bailey were outraged. I did not see outrage from you. I understand “Stop Snitching” was going on there in Oakland about that murder. Again, it is your own black neighbors who live in oppression because of black thugs, not because of cops. Or did you decide it was not really a tragedy since a white man or a cop did not shoot Bailey?

He was down for your community. Were you down for him? Bailey was a strong advocate for the black community, even for those same people who are celebrating Mixon. Yet the outrage in the black community in Oakland was very little. Mixon was not an advocate for the black community at all, a convicted criminal and murderer, and people march and protest and this criminal gets celebrated. He is a role model for all young Black children in Oakland right?

Rev. Walter Hoye, a black minister in Oakland went to jail because he was telling women, including black women, that there was an alternative to abortion. Were any of you outraged over the brother being a “victim” of the white racist justice system? How many of you were protesting with signs ‘FREE REV. HOYE!”?

Is not something wrong with that picture? Keep your lame excuses because they won’t fly, even out of Oakland International Airport.

Robert Oliver is a writer and photographer. He can be reached at

MardukEl said...

You are no black man, you are a coward. How dare you attempt to document the fails of one man Lovelle Mixon all the while neglecting the countless acts of terrorism perpetrated against the Black community by Neo-Nazi Gestapo in every major city in Amerikkka for over 50 years and counting! Malcolm X predicted this. He said fight violence with violence. This was a case of the chickens coming home to roost. Dont try to turn Malcolm X into a bootlickin' nigger coward like MLK. White Amerikkka has absolutely no compassion when unarmed black men are murdered by these so called "hero" almost daily. Robert Oliver: Go to hell

Robert said...

Keilyn, thank you very much for spelling my name right and the lovely hate speech. I'm flattered. You need to be careful when you tell a Child of God to "go to hell."

Don't let the truth get you outraged.

Let me ask you a question. Who firebombed Malcolm X's house and tried to kill him and his family? Who even killed Malcolm X in Harlem? And who said "Malcolm is worthy of death"? (Hint, he lives in Chicago in my old neighborhood.)

Also too, why do you ignore the terrorism of Black-on-Black crime? Mixon perpetrated on his own people before he killed those cops. And there is this "Stop Snitching" nonsense that is going on in black neighborhoods. That means if you got jacked and people saw it, they are not supposed to tell the police. Does that make you feel secure? Who is looking out for you?

If you don't like Amerikkka, why not move to Africa, the Motherland? Are there any rope and chains stopping you?

I'm from the hood. I have had guns pulled on me twice and I witnessed a drive-by shooting from 20 yards away. There is the white KKK and there are blackkks too. The black community has more to fear from the blackkk's like Mixon who raped a 12-year-old girl and the blackkks who robbed me at gunpoint.

Where was your compassion and outrage when Chauncey Bailey, an unarmed BLACK man, was shot to death by a Black Muslim? OR should I say a Blackkk.

The Nazis, KKK, etc. love it when other blacks celebrate blackkk thugs who get rid of other blacks.
But that does not seem to bother you. Only when whites do crap to blacks you call it a tragedy.

The KKK is even running out of things to do since blackkks are doing the job for them. The KKK may need a bailout since they may be going out of business soon. They cannot compete with blackkk folks.

By the way, go to

MardukEl said...

You are not black or from the hood. You are a devil. If blacks were to continue murdering eachother at the same rate for the next 400 years it STILL would not compare to the death and destruction caused by whites on the black community! There isnt enough time in a day to document the crimes of whites across the planet for centuries so I wont even dignify your ignorance, I'll just allow you to continue excusing white supremacy like the coward you are. Who is responsible for the crack infested 80's? I guess you can blame it on the black man too, although we dont collectively own a plane or a boat to import these "goods." Where are all these guns coming from? Bet you cant answer that either, genius. Am I supposed to feel sorry for these devils because one of the seeds they grew came up "rotten?" This is only the beginning and more whites will die. Karma is a universal law even whites cant weasel out of. RIP Lovelle Mixon. P.S. Whites bombed Malcolm X's house genius, thats not even muslim style. Besides, who killed Malcolm's father? We know the CIA was behind his assassination too, by the way, you're just slow. Go to hell, devil

Hana said...

Keilyn you really are as dumb as I thought you were. The more I read of the things you write the more do you discus me. Ewwwww
I don't have a problem with black people, I have a problem with ignorant, close minded, and uneducated people like you no matter what their race is. I am not even from this country and yet I am stuck in this racial war that wont ever end because it seems to be a good enough excuse for everything. Did you hear about that judge in the south, shit he is pulling the race card too. WTF?
Seriously your people are not the only ones that have been enslaved, slavery is something that has happened to many civilizations in human history. My ancestors have been controlled and enslaved by the Turks for over five hundred years, and yet we are over it and have moved on. We were a christian country and now we are a multy religious country with Muslims in it too. So please don't tell me about slavery, just move the fuck on.

Robert said...


Let's break this down.

"You are not black or from the hood. You are a devil."

Fine. You must be God to determine that right? I'm impressed. Be very careful in calling a Child of God "devil."

"If blacks were to continue murdering eachother at the same rate for the next 400 years it STILL would not compare to the death and destruction caused by whites on the black community!
There isnt enough time in a day to document the crimes of whites across the planet for centuries so I wont even dignify your ignorance, I'll just allow you to continue excusing white supremacy like the coward you are."

In other words, you tell me that you don't have facts to back yourself up. Fine. I can deal with that.

"Who is responsible for the crack infested 80's? I guess you can blame it on the black man too, although we dont collectively own a plane or a boat to import these 'goods.' Where are all these guns coming from? Bet you cant answer that either, genius. Am I supposed to feel sorry for these devils because one of the seeds they grew came up 'rotten?'"

I know about the CIA connections. I was told personally about guns coming in the hood. But the white man must be God because they in their almightyness make blacks get on crack and make blacks kill each other. Those white folks have just too much power over black folks. And still you do not feel for the black people who terrorized by other blackkks -- Klan with a Tan.
Why is it you talk about white people all the time. Why do you think about them more than your own people. You must love whites more than blacks since you have them on your mind all the time.

"This is only the beginning and more whites will die."

Khalid Muhammad said something like that. Why don't we hear from him anymore?

"Karma is a universal law even whites cant weasel out of. RIP Lovelle Mixon. P.S. Whites bombed Malcolm X's house genius, thats not even muslim style."

Now you are lying or you are woefully ignorant of history. Even Black Muslims do not say that. Even Black historians do not say that. Spike Lee even got it right in the movie "Malcolm X." And where in Malcolm X's autobiography did he say that?

And answer me this: Who said publicly "Malcolm was worthy of death?" Was it was white man who said that?

"Besides, who killed Malcolm's father? We know the CIA was behind his assassination too, by the way, you're just slow. Go to hell, devil."

Ok, bring up some facts about your assertions.Chapters and verses.

By the way, my black friends who think just like I do enjoy you sending me to hell.

Keep up the good work!

Robert said...

This is by a BLACK woman with sense from

40 Fools in Oakland Rally for Suspected Serial Rapist(12 Year Old Victim) and Cop Killer

As yet another sign that SOME of US have lost our plum natural minds, once again certain members of our “community” are rallying on behalf of a suspected rapist- whether in West Palm Beach Florida, or Chicago, or Milwaukee some Black folks don’t acknowledge that fully grown people who violently attack young girls and women are the scum of the Earth, dangers to us all, and deserve to be thrown under the jail as a short pit stop before they head straight to HELL!:

Lovelle Mixon was linked by DNA to the February rape of a 12-year-old girl who was dragged off the street at gunpoint in the East Oakland neighborhood where Mixon’s sister lived, police said Tuesday.

Mixon, 26, a fugitive parolee who shot four Oakland police officers to death Saturday before he was killed as he hid inside his sister’s apartment, might have committed as many as five other rapes in the same neighborhood in recent months, investigators said.

All the victims of those rapes were attacked in the early-morning hours, as was the girl who was raped Feb. 5, and the assailant’s behavior was similar in all the assaults, police said. SF Gate

The 12 year old was not the only victim, but her attack was the impetus for rushing to search the DNA database and the girl provided the police with an accurate sketch.

Police would not go into detail about the other rapes. But they said that at least one happened this month and that another woman was dragged off the street and raped in the neighborhood in January.

The victim in that rape told police that the attacker “came up behind her. She was savagely raped and sodomized,” said Sgt. Jill Encinas of the police special victims unit.

Police said several victims of the early morning attacks were prostitutes or people the attacker may have believed were prostitutes. The East Oakland area, however, is not known for prostitution, Wiley said.

Most victims did not get a look at the attacker, but the 12-year-old girl did, Encinas said.

She helped police come up with a sketch of the rapist that strongly resembles Mixon, Encinas said. “It’s pretty dead-on,” she said.

The sketch was distributed to officers in the area.SOURCE

Now you would think that the community would be rallying to solve these rapes and make the streets safe for Black women and girls to move about freely. Uh Uh. We know better here at WAOD. In the grand tradition of the NAACP and the National Action Network SOME Black folks got together in Oakland to rally for a suspected serial rapist. Calling him a “hero” for murdering four Oakland police officers.

“Lovelle is a hero! Lovelle is a hero!” shouted a woman in the rally.

Demonstrators say Mixon was fighting back against what they see as an oppressive police force.

“I don’t condone what he did, but karma comes around. What goes around comes around,” said a man speaking to the crowd.

Many of those who chose not to take part in the march believe this tragic incident is a symptom of a much larger problem.

The small turnout at Wednesday’s demonstration reflected the community’s intolerance of Mixon’s actions, but the incident has created a strong desire to improve relations between the police and the community.ABC News

Now notice that I added “SOME” to the title of this post. 40 people does not make a movement, but lets not be to swift to dismiss this group in Oakland. The same thing happened in West Palm Beach with the Dunbar Village case- rallying for the accused violent rapists while ignoring the victims. I am sure many of you can add additional examples.

Moral authority matters. IT MATTERS!. You can’t move forward the cause of justice and equal rights standing on the pools of blood. You can’t turn a violent rapist and killer into a hero. Mixon didn’t stand over the wounded bodies of police officers and pump more shells into their bodies to help Black folks in Oakland. Mixon preyed on Black people in Oakland. He was a predator. He died the way he lived. Selfishly. Maniacally, Like the narcissist that he appears to be. Whatever he wanted, he took. Who ever he could get away with brutalizing, he brutalized. His goal in life was not freedom fighting, but to steal, to kill and to destroy. That’s not Heroic, that’s evil.

You can’t condemn the perceived violent oppression of a community by “the system” and use a man who violently oppresses women and girls by torturing, raping, and sodomizing them. EPIC FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!

You can’t call yourself a “civil rights” organization and promote the denial of basic human rights to half the population. VIOLENCE is a form of tyranny. Lovelle Mixon was a tyrannical predator he would been just as soon have pumped bullets into the 40 fools marching around calling him a hero if they stood in between him and something he wanted.

Now if only someone in a position of Leadership in Oakland would say the same thing. These 40 deluded self-centered narcissists and enablers on the street of Oakland do not represent me.

ON another note, it is too bad the Oakland PD didn’t put a rush on getting searching the DNA database when the prostitutes were being viciously raped and tortured prior to the 12 year old girl. They may have gotten that DNA match earlier. Women and children are canaries in the mine shaft.

One has to wonder how it is the new media chose to cover this band of 40 fools, but a meteorite has to strike the body of a Black woman before we can get coverage of violent crimes against her.

I communicated with this woman after a Haitian woman in West Palm Beach, Florida got tortured, raped (and worse), and robbed by several blackkk thugs. She called the NAACP about it. She said they told her if whites were the perpetrators they would get involved. But since it was blackkk thugs, they did not want to get involved with it.

Black crime victims only have value to the NAACP and to the Oakland blackkks, who celebrate criminality and distain law-abiding black people, only if white people are the perps.

Blacks who distain other blacks are just as bad as the Nazis, the Aryan Nations, the KKK, etc. No they are worse because we cannot tell who is a friend or foe at first because of their color.

MardukEl said...

Who cares about ancient slavery, we are talking about Neo-slavery and blacks are still slaves to this racist system in Amerikkka. I dont need to argue with you, there are 2 million blacks in prison here..More than the entire eastern hemisphere combined. So tell me why blacks arent incarcerated at the same rate anywhere else in the world? Common sense, which obviously you have none, would tell you that Amerikkka is the most racist country on the planet. Thats why pigs die. You disgust me.

MardukEl said...

You are a lying devil. You arent black you said "my black friends" Black people dont refer to their friend by color. You lied and said you were black.

Khalid Muhammad is immortal. I can hear him speak anytime I want to, I'll just play one of his videos to hear the truth. The things you say make me know you arent black, even through a computer because you have no soul and when you die the earth will rejoice. Whites tapped Malcolm's phones, yes, he did say that. If they werent plotting on him, why were they tapping his phones? All he was doing was expressing his right to the first amendment freedom of speech. We know the CIA infiltrated the NOI on behalf of white supremacy. You are a racist devil with no soul. Go to hell

Robert said...

Keilyn, you did not answer my question.

Who said "Malcolm was worthy of death?"

Tell me his name.

Robert said...

I found this essay by a black nationalist named "Brother X":

The New Black Order

By Brother X

EXTERMINATE ALL WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They gots to go so we can establish our New Black Order.

Go to

Brother Kamau Rashidi Kambon (, a brother with an African and an Arab Muslim name together, was right! He said we have to exterminate White people off this planet! (

First thing we gotta do is learn from the best. If we want to do genocide, we gotta do it right or not do it at all. Let's research what those honky Nazis did before and during World War II. They knew what they were doing. They committed genocide with a good attitude. Shall we use deadly gas like they did? Do we need to build ovens like they did? Let's research the genocide in Sudan that has been going on for decades. Shall we use machine guns and bombs like the Jangaweed in Sudan are using on the Blacks there?( They have been very successful. Also we have to congratulate the regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge killed 2,000,000 people, Cambodians (their own people) along with ethnic Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese. Good show. And of course, remember Rwanda. Black Hutus killed over 500,000 Black Tutsis and Black Hutu sympathizers:

"One such massacre occurred at Nyarubuye. Ordinary citizens were called on by local officials and government-sponsored radio to kill their neighbors and those who refused to kill were often killed themselves. "Either you took part in the massacres or you were massacred yourself," said one Hutu, rationalizing an ambivalent mixture of regret, fear, and shame at being forced to kill Tutsis.[20]

"Most of the victims were killed in their villages or in towns, often by their neighbors and fellow villagers. The militia members mostly killed their victims by chopping them up with machetes, although some army units used rifles. The victims were often hiding in churches and school buildings, where Hutu extremist gangs massacred them. On 12 April 1994, more than 1,500 Tutsis sought refuge in a Catholic church in Kivumu. Local Interahamwe then used bulldozers to knock down the church building. People who tried to escape were hacked down with machetes or shot." Go to Rwandan Genocide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Those were Black Africans killing other 500,000 other Black Africans. Now if White folks killed those 500,000 Black Africans? That would have qualified to have been a real tragedy. We would have marched, protested, screamed, and yelled “You White folks murdered our Black brothers!” But since Black folks murdered (genocided), with machetes too, 500,000 other Black folks, it was not a tragedy at all. No big deal. There was no need to protest that. I did not hear any of our people protest, have you? What Blacks do to other Blacks is none of our business. Blacks have the moral right to slaughter and destroy other Blacks in peace. White folks, however, do not have that right. Only when Whites do stuff to Blacks like rape, kill, pillage, apartheid, say the N-word, etc. are we supposed to get angry and call Jesse Jackson, call the NAACP, call Black talk shows, call press conferences, do marches, do protests, etc. Now that is only our business when White folks are involved. Again, we say that when Blacks rape, kill, pillage, etc. their own people, in America, Africa, etc., we are supposed to ignore it, say “Oh well…,” and not talk about it, as many of us have been doing for years.

If we cannot pin it on the White man, what sense does it make to protest?

We need to get all the Black organizations together and do a democratic plebiscite to select the very best way to kill all White people as quickly as possible. Let's put it to a vote. Machetes? Neutron bombs? Machine guns? Cyanide gas? Bird flu? Ebola virus? AIDS? Anthrax? Guillotines like from the French Revolution? Or is there a better way? Once we all vote and the majority chooses the right method, we will all commit to it and not let it go. But we have to get our reparations from them (our 40 acres and a Black Lexus) before we kill them all off. Let’s get our money from them then get rid of them. The time for talk is over!

By the way, we have to genocide all the whitey-loving Black Uncle Tom's too, especially the ones who don’t sound like they are Black. However, President Bill Clinton is off limits. Was he not our first Black president? He will get special protection. Everyone knows he is really Black. Give the brother some slack. He is just very “high yaller." But that White woman he married? She gots to go too.

Sorry. Bill.

Then we have to put ads in the help wanted sections of papers across the country:
"WANTED: Capable men and women of color with creative minds and positive attitudes to commit genocide on an unnamed ethnic group in the world. No experience in killing necessary, but would be helpful. Must be willing to be trained in deadly weapons to be decided by plebiscite. Good pay, travel the world, get lots of respect, get a lot of people scared of you, great benefits such as taking over previously-owned homes, cars, etc. in great neighborhoods after the job is done. Blacks need only apply. This job may require exposure to lots of blood on a continual basis. (And when I say lots, I mean LOTS!) Disposal of massive amounts of corpses of same unnamed ethnic group (and Black Uncle Tom's and Aunt Tomasina's) is also required in the position. Apply in confidence. Be prepared to dress in revolutionary attire (basic black) for interviews. This job is not permanent, only temporary."

Once we buried the very last White person in the world, we need to make some changes. Since we Black folks would have the means to commit genocide on anyone in the world, we would be the only ones in power. Who would get in our way? It is time for Black Supremacy to rule! The so-called United States will be Black now and it will be the United Black States of America (UBSA). We have to rename the former White cities to reflect our culture in our New Black Order. Like Washington, DC will be renamed to Blackington, DB, 100% Black majority. Of course no more "White House." It's gonna be Black from now on. No more "Mr. President" but Brotha President. I nominate Snoop Doggy Dogg to be Secretary of Education and Rev. Ike to be Secretary of the Treasury. There will also be a new executive department called the Department of Blackness with the Secretary of Blackness as a cabinet member. This department will be responsible for determining and certifying who and what is "authentically Black" and identifying "Certified Uncle Toms." Even being from Africa does not to qualify enough to be authentically Black according to our standards. (Senator Barack Obama and Tiger Woods would not even pass the Blackness standards.) The Department will be the official Keeper of the Blackness. Since we would have genocided Condoleezza Rice along with all the rest of them honkies, we will make Lil' Kim the Secretary of State. Since we will have NASA, renamed BASA (rhymes with "massa"), we will have to get the best scientific Black minds to figure out a way to make the man on the moon Black. He has been White for way too long.

The official language of our country will be Blacklish or Blinglish. That has to be put to a vote.

We will have Black York with its 5 bouroughs: Blackhattan (no more “Great White Way”), Blacklynn, Blacken Island, The Black Queens, and The Blax. Since Harlem was originally a White name, that got to go too. It will be Blacklem, the way it should have been all along.

Also we will have Blackadelphia, Blackimore, Blackancisco in Blackifornia with the Black Gate Bridge, Black Angeles with Blackwood as the center of Black entertainment worldwide, Black Diego, Beverly Blacks, Blacktroit in Blackchigan, Blackas in Blaxas, Blackago on beautiful Lake Blackchigan in Blackinois, Blackami in Blackida, Blackingham in Blackabama, Black Louis, Blackphis in Blackensee, Black Vegas, Blackston in Blackachusetts, Blackerquerque in New Blaxico, Blacknix in Blackizona (the state with the Black Canyon), and Blackeattle in the state of Blackington. The Black Hills of Dakota had the right name from the start.

Since we will have control of the media there will be new changes. CNN, ABC, CNBC, and CBS will be BNN, BBC (not to be confused with our funny talking brothers over at the Blackish Broadcasting Company in Blackdon, Blackland. They don't talk like Black folks at all. They don’t sound like they‘re from the hood. They talk just like the White folks there we genocided. We gotta watch them brothers over there carefully. They may look Black, but it don’t mean they are Black. Oreos got to go too.), BNBC, and BBS respectively. In comics there will be no more "Superman." It will be Blackerman with a black costume with a big yellow "B" on his chest. He comes from the planet Blackton, he lives and works in Blacktropolis, and the only thing that can kill Blackerman is White Blacktonite, of course. Anything white from Blackton is deadly. There will be no more "Batman." Notice that the white racist Bruce Wayne could not find a brotha to help him fight crime. He had to pick a White boy. The Joker, who was even whiter than white, should have done us a favor and killed Bruce Wayne along with his parents. We would have given him a medal. Instead of "Batman," we have Blackman, of course! He drives the magnificent Blackmobile and works in the secret Blackcave. His partner is a brotha named Blackbird, no more Robins. Blackman and Blackbird are always alert to fight crime, especially WHITE collar crime, in Blackham City. His trusted Black butler is named Blackfred. Blackman's archenemy is "The Whitener." Same Black time, same Black channel.

And let us not forget the porn industry. Since Whites have always had control there will be more changes. Penthouse Magazine will be Blackhouse Magazine with 100% Black women. (I hope that won't be confused with where Brotha President lives.) Playboy Magazine will be Blackboy...oops, we gotta get another name. But those white bunnies are going to be all Black from now on.

It will be illegal to sell white milk. It will be legally mandated that dairy farmers can only use cows that produce chocolate milk. White chocolate, white meat, white bread, and egg whites will be forever banned too. Banning coconut is also being considered. It is just too white for some people. Only meat from BLACK ANGUS cattle will be allowed. And ONLY black coffee will be legal, sold at Blackbucks Coffee.

Toothpaste that has "special whiteners" will also be illegal. It will be called "Uncle Tom" toothpaste. We don't want to make anything white, including teeth. Dentists better watch it or we will put them in jail for violation of our new Black Codes.

White paint? Forget it! Not in the world of our New Black Order!

White dogs, cats, rats, mice, etc. all gots to go.

Also too there will be the classic movies in theaters again from the 70's like Blacula and Blackenstein. (It is an historical fact that Black vampires have always hated white folk’s blood, by the way. For them it was like lactose intolerance.)

I almost forgot. Ain't gonna be no more "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas." It will be illegal to sing that song and to mention the name of that white racist singer “Bing Crosby.” Anyone who says or sings "and may all your Christmases be white" will be immediately imprisoned for life or executed. We don't leave any stone unturned. We will have also gone to the North Pole to genocide that fat, bearded old White man in that ridiculous red suit. We will have genocided him and replaced him with Blackta Claus, wearing a Black suit, of course. Those White elves all got to go too. Our Black elf brothers will take over the operation.

Unfortunately now there are still White people in the world. Maybe we should do a mass fundraiser for an all-out marketing campaign to encourage White birth control and abortion. Get the White churches and pastors involved so they won't know that it is really us Black folks who want to kill them all off. We don’t want the word to go out that we are trying to exterminate them. Tell these White women they don't need children. Tell them something like “not having children is saving the planet.” The more White babies killed off the better. We need to encourage more abortion clinics in White communities. Now that is a cool way to commit genocide.

Another thing. Once we killed off all the White folks, we have to talk about planning a conference to talk about a scientific way to make snow permanently black. White snow gives Blackta Claus clinical depression. All that white stuff on the ground makes him want to slap a White person for his mental health and escape to a resort on the Black Sea in eastern Blackurope. He may have to move to Blaxas, Blackifornia, or Blackida.

(Addendumb: True story. A Black barber claimed that 9/11 happened to kill Black people at the World Trade Center. When he was questioned about the deaths of many White people there (Yay!), the Black barber replied that those White folks “were in the way.” People can be so stupid. That absolutely proves how dumb and stupid President George W. Bush is. He did not have sense enough to send those planes to crash in Harlem, the Black center of New York City, which is only a few miles north, even into any Black neighborhood in Washington, DC, a majority Black city. And he was a military pilot years ago himself and lives in Washington? You cannot even trust him to kill our own people correctly! He kills more of his own White people instead! Yay! What a stupid White man who did us a favor!)

MardukEl said...

Every white person at that current time? J. Edgar Hoover? Whats your point whitey? Searching for justification for all the evil racist murders by your devil race?

Robert said...

Keilyn let me give you a hint:

It was someone of other than American ancestry, he used to sing calypso, and he used to go by "X" as his last name who said "Malcolm was worthy of death."

Do you know who it was who said that? If you don't say you don't. If you do, give us a name.

If you don't answer I will give the complete answer.

MardukEl said...

I know you are referring to the most honorable Louis Farrakhan. But how is that relevant? Louis Farrakhan is one of the greatest leaders in Black History. His most recent speech on how the Amerikkkan media is poisoning and exploiting the minds of the youth is brilliant. It can be found on his longstanding website "The Final Call" It is really as fascinating read, although quite intellectual, so it may go over your head. Also, the Muslims have a book called "The secret relationship between blacks and Jews' you should give it a try, devil. Peace

Robert said...

Let me get this straight. Louis Farrakhan said "Malcolm (X) was worthy of death." Malcolm X was your hero, right? (As a matter of fact, I have his book.) Whitey wanted him dead right?

Farrakhan wanted him dead too.

Does not that make Farrakhan a sellout Uncle Tom since he wanted a great black man such as Malcolm X dead? Did he not agree with Whitey.