Monday, April 13, 2009

Cuban Diplomat Thanks Guinea Bissau For Cuban Five Support

Cuban Diplomat Thanks Guinea Bissau for Cuban Five Support

HAVANA, Cuba, April 13 (acn) Cuban ambassador to Guinea Bissau Pedro Doña Santana thanked authorities of that country for the solidarity with the case of five Cubans unfairly held in U.S jails, known as the Cuban Five.

The diplomat also explained the current situation of the
anti-terrorist fighters: Fernando Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labañino and Rene Gonzalez, who have been imprisoned since 1998, reports Prensa Latina.

Pedro Doña said that representatives of various organizations had presented twelve documents, known as Amicus Curiae, to the U.S Supreme Court asking that the case be reviewed. This is the largest number of such requests filed in American jurisprudence.

He said the Amicus have been signed by representatives of numerous associations from different countries, and also by international personalities, including Nobel Prize laureates, and U.S organizations.

The Cuban diplomat defended the right of Adriana Perez and Olga Salanueva to be allowed by Washington to visit their respective husbands Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez.

The Five were arrested on September, 1998 for having infiltrated into Miami- based anti-Cuba organizations that plan and execute criminal acts against the Cuban government leaders and people.

Twelve Amicus Curiae briefs requesting a revision of the case based on real justice were presented to the Supreme Court on March 6th.

They take into account that the primary trial the Five underwent in Miami was marked by a biased jury and also the many violations of their rights committed throughout the years they have been in jail.

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