Friday, September 11, 2009

Libyan Leader of the Revolution, African Union Chairman, Hosts Delegation of South African Kings

Leader of the Revolution, AU Chairman, delegation of South Africa Kings

Tripoli, 11.09.2009 (JANA) Leader of the Revolution, Chairman of the African Union, King of African kings, Doyen of African Leader and Presidents, on Friday received the delegation of South African kings, who participated in the first conference of the assembly of African Kings, Sultans, Princes, Sheikhs and Chiefs, which was held in Tripoli on Wednesday, and came specifically to reiterate their allegiance to the leader as the king of kings of Africa.

The kings of South Africa reiterated their congratulations to the leader on the 40th anniversary of Al-Fateh Revolution and the 10th anniversary of the historic Sirte declaration, the declaration of the African Union. The kings of South Africa expressed their readiness to work with the leader to realize the dignity and resistance of the African continent and promote the march of the African Union towards the establishment of the United States of Africa.

During the meeting, they discussed the programs and activities of the assembly of African Kings, Sultans, Princes, Sheikhs and Chiefs as well as the activation of the role of the African social traditional force to serve the African individual in unity, development and progress.

Present in the meeting was the Executive Secretary of the General Assembly of the National, Arab and African Organizations.

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