Friday, January 22, 2010

Detroit Emergency Meeting on Haiti: Humanitarian Mission or Military Occupation?

Emergency Meeting on Haiti--

U.S. Imperialism: No Friend of Haiti
Humanitarian Mission or Military Occupation?

Speakers Include:

-Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan-African News Wire editor on the history of U.S. foreign policy toward Haiti
-Sandra Hines, Moratorium NOW! Coalition on the disaster from Detroit to Haiti
-Kevin Carey, Detroit People's Task Force/MECAWI on the role of multi-national corporations in Haiti
-Andrea Egypt, Moratorium NOW! and MECAWI on the quake itself and its impact
-Kris Hamel, Workers World managing editor on the news coverage involving the Haiti quake
-Derek Grigsby of MECAWI will chair the meeting
The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12 has caused extensive damage and the deaths of untold numbers of people. The U.S. administration has announced the deployment of 10,000 troops and a humanitarian relief effort to the tune of $100 million. However, the history of U.S. involvement with Haiti goes back to the 1700s when the African people rose up against French slavery and imperialism. Haiti won its independece in 1804, but was not recognized by the U.S. until the Civil War. Haiti has suffered a blockade for over 200 years. The U.S. has militarily occupied Haiti on numerous occasions from 1915-1934, 1994, 2004 and 2010.

Come to this public meeting to find out the true history of Haiti and what you can do to help the surviving victims of the earthquake. We must demand the permanent lifting of the deportation orders on Haitians, the withdrawal of U.S. military troops from the country and the return of the ousted President Jean Bertrand Aristide, who was overthrown by the U.S. and exiled in 2004.

Date: Saturday, Jan. 23, 5:00-8:00pm
Location: 5920 Second Avenue at Antoinette
Sponsor: Workers World Party, Detroit Branch
Contact: 313.671.3715 or 887.4344
Recent news reports will be featured and dinner will be serve.

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