Monday, July 19, 2010

Detroit: Help Marvin and Louise Morris Save Their Home; Gather Thurs., 5:00pm; Fri. Pack the Courtroom


What you can do:

1. Come to a Rally at the Morris home this Thursday, July 22, 5:00 pm, 9592 Plainview, Detroit MI 48228 to express solidarity with the fight to Save the Morrises Home.

2. Pack the Courtroom – Friday July 23, 8:30 am, Judge Kathleen Macdonald’s Courtroom, Room 1107 Coleman A. Young Municipal Building, 2 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226. Home Eq and Barclay’s are asking Judge Macdonald to issue a judgment of possession to take away the Morrises home.

3. Contact Home Eq’s Executives to demand that Home Eq stop this outrageous action of taking the Morrises’ home. Contact Info (CEO);, 1-916-339-6134-phone (COO)

Marvin and Louise Morris are senior citizens, 79 and 77 years old respectively. They have lived at their home at 9592 Plainview, Detroit, MI 48228 for 32 years. Their home was paid off, but unfortunately like so many others in Detroit and across the country, they were lured into a sub-prime predatory loan re-financing.

Since that time, the Morrisses have been in a constant battle to hold onto their home. They previously challenged Home Eq’s accounting practices, and received a settlement which Home Eq has not forgotten.

Now over a disputed arrearage of $7673.29, the Morrisses once again face the loss of their home. This time the courts have ruled against the Morrises, and they are facing imminent eviction from their home of 32 years.

During the course of this litigation, Mr. & Mrs. Morris have paid over $8,000 into escrow diligently paying their normal monthly payment of $467.00 per month since December 2008. This is on a monthly income of less that $1000 per month. There have been at least seven homes emptied by foreclosure on their block. A home across the street sold for $1200. If Mr. and Mrs Morris are evicted, their home will sell for far less than the $8000 they have paid into escrow. The amount in the escrow is more than the property in their area is selling for now.

HomEq received federal funding for modifications to “help” borrowers, yet HomEq has never even attempted to work out anything with the Morrises. Unfortunately, the Morrises are not alone, senior citizens are thrown out daily because servicers like HomEq refused to work with borrowers for homes that are now worth only $3000-$4000, like the Morris’ home. This conduct must be stopped.

Moratorium Now Coalition – 313-887-4344

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