Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 Years on From the Assassination of Walter Rodney

30 years on from the assassination of Walter Rodney

School of Oriental and African Studies Alumni Online

This month marked 30 years since the assassination in Guyana of Dr Walter Rodney (PhD History 1966), prominent historian and political activist. Rodney studied for an MA and PhD here at SOAS.

His PhD dissertation, entitled ‘A History of the Upper Guinea Coast, 1545-1800’, was widely acclaimed for its originality in challenging the conventional wisdom on the area.

After leaving SOAS Walter Rodney became an important figure of the Black Power movement in the Caribbean and North America. In 1974 Rodney returned to Guyana from Tanzania. He was supposed to take a position as a professor at the University of Guyana but the government prevented his appointment.

He became increasingly active in politics, forming the Working People’s Alliance against the PNC government. In 1980, Rodney was killed by a bomb in his car while running for office in Guyanese elections.

June 2010

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