Saturday, November 27, 2010

Western-backed MDC-T Can't Get Enough of Imperialists

MDC can’t get enough of imperialists.

By Munyaradzi Huni
Zimbabwe Sunday Mail

THE MDC-T in general and Morgan Tsvangirai in particular can’t really get enough of the Western imperialists.

After so many months in the inclusive Government, many people thought the regime change party would see light and terminate its sickening marriage with the neo-colonialists, but no, the puppets even have the audacity to smuggle British intelligence operatives into the country.

What is it exactly that the MDC-T find irresistible about these imperialists?

Yes, the British founded and continue to fund the MDC, but can’t the party free itself?

Just this last Thursday, Finance Minister Tendai Biti, a whole lawyer who should know better, showed his unending love for the neo-colonialists while presenting the national budget.

Minister Biti shocked many people when he said the US Federal Reserve was ready to provide coins and replace soiled notes to help ease the crisis.

In his own words Minister Biti said: “I am pleased to advise on the fruitful interactions with the US Department of the Treasury which stands ready to facilitate access to acquisition of smaller denominated coins and replacement of soiled notes through the US Federal Reserve and commercial banks.

“I will, therefore, be finalising on this in conjunction with the banking system, that way resolving the matter of challenges with change and coins.”

Reports from top officials in the Ministry of Finance say the minister did not consult widely on the matter and went behind the backs of the real authorities on money matters as he interacted with the US Treasury, but this is not the real issue here. Banking experts and indeed many right-thinking Zimbabweans are asking whether the US government is ready to “bust the sanctions” and help Minister Biti with the smaller denominated coins.

With the US sanctions in place, Minister Biti can surely try his luck and many people wish him good luck, but he should not overestimate his negotiating skills.

The US government is known the world over for using its currency to topple governments and many are curiously waiting to see how they will handle Minister Biti’s request. Zanu-PF must be on the lookout for a monetary regime-change scheme.

Instead of rushing to the US Federal Reserve, Minister Biti should engage his South African counterpart if he really thinks the challenges with change and coins can be solved by outsiders.

In the meantime, the banking sector and indeed the majority of Zimbabweans who are being affected by the issue of change and coins, wait with bated breath to hear the good news from the optimistic minister.

But maybe Zimbabweans should forgive Minister Biti for his unending love for the imperialists.

Why do we expect a mere minister to act better when a whole Prime Minister has the guts to smuggle a British intelligence operative into the country?

For those not in the know, Prime Minister Tsvangirai secretly asked the British government to assist him in running his office and one Charles Heatly/Beatle, a British intelligence operative, was seconded to the MP’s office.

This was confirmed by the British Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Mark Canning, last week when he said: “He (Heatly/Beatle) is doing his job for the purposes he was hired for.

“Adam Smith International is a renowned British think-tank that provides consultancy work and technical advice.

“He came at the request of Prime Minister Tsvangirai, who wanted technical support on individual ministries.”

What technical support was PM Tsvangirai hoping to get from the British government?

Why was it so important that he should get the technical support from the British government?

Why is the PM blowing his party’s cover with such reckless abandon? Indeed, the British are sweet!

The matter becomes even more worrying when one puts into perspective the PM’s infamous October 7 letters that he wrote to the European Union asking the body not to recognise Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to the EU.

Of course, despite its machinations against Zimbabwe, the EU saw sense and ignored the PM’s hallucinations about a crisis in Zimbabwe.

In his mind of minds, why did the PM think that if indeed there was a crisis in Zimbabwe, the EU was the rightful body to deal with the issue?

Do we have a primitive PM here who thinks solutions come from the West and problems come from Africa?

While Tsvangirai and his MDC have failed to take advantage of the inclusive Government to learn a thing or two about nationalism and continue licking the imperialists, Zanu-PF is no longer in the mood to caress an unfaithful partner.

The Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Cde Patrick Chinamasa, put it clearer when he said: “We have been with a very unfaithful partner who panders to the whims and caprices of a Western paramour.

“In the two years our unfaithful partner did nothing to consummate the marriage.

“They continued acting as a party in opposition and not in Government and did nothing on sanctions, pirate radio stations and other obligations under the GPA . . . So, yes, we are more than ready for elections.”

This sudden turn of events has caused serious panic in the MDC-T.

The PM is so scared of elections that he took a whole delegation to Botswana during the official opening of the Sadc Headquarters hoping to corner the Troika into a meeting, but failed.

It is very difficult to imagine that this is the same Tsvangirai who in September told his party supporters that he is ready for elections, adding that: “When I last saw President Robert Mugabe, he said the prevailing peace was ideal for us to go for an election, and this time we agreed that whoever loses should make way for the winner.”

All that fake confidence is gone and Tsvangirai is being real that he doesn’t want elections anytime soon. Political scientist Professor Jonathan Moyo went on to rub salt into the wound, saying: “When Zimbabwe is doing well, Tsvangirai’s MDC does badly, but when Zimbabwe is doing badly the MDC-T does well.

“What this means is that what is good for Zimbabwe is not good for the MDC-T and the opposite is true.”

Indeed, Tsvangirai should be very scared. Just imagine all those MDC-T ministers going back to their poor lives.

As it is, Tsvangirai’s boys and girls are fighting tooth and nail to sneak into Government so that they enjoy while it lasts.

Can’t wait for the elections!

The British government has discovered how scared the puppets are and they are trying to calm the situation with Ambassador Canning even going to the extent of meddling in the affairs of Zimbabwe, saying: “It is not for us to say when elections should be held.

“It is for the parties in the (Zimbabwe) global political agreement to decide when the next election should be held . . . However . . . an election that is held too soon is likely to be much like the last one in 2008.

“We envisage that a poll that is held prematurely will neither be free nor fair.”

The cunning ambassador already knows the results and he has already declared the elections as not free and fair. Well, Ambassador Canning may bark and Tsvangirai may squeak, but elections are coming next year.

The MDC-T and its imperialists should wait until Zanu-PF’s December conference for them to feel what’s coming their way. Of course, Zanu-PF should know that it is not Tsvangirai’s unending blunders and it is not the MDC-T’s eternal love with the imperialists that will bring victory next year.

The majority of Zimbabweans, including some who thought the MDC-
T was the answer to the country’s problems, are looking at Zanu-PF for solutions to their socio-economic problems.

Thousands of liberation fighters crossed into Mozambique and Zambia to bring political independence. And so when Zanu-PF goes to Mutare for the December conference, Zimbabweans expect the party to bring economic independence.

The gathering in Mutare is not going to be a mere conference. It’s going to be a bold statement.

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