Wednesday, May 25, 2011

United Nations Abusing the Rights of Libyans

UN abusing Libyan rights

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 20:12
Zimbabwe Herald
By Farai Kuvirimirwa

THE situation obtaining in Libya is a clear abuse of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 which is has turned out to be a western ploy to recolonise Africa through regime change, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Hebert Murerwa, told diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe yesterday.

The diplomats had gathered at the Rainbow Towers in Harare to commemorate Africa Day.

"The agenda of regime change is being implemented in Africa and the events in Libya are a clear abuse of the UN Security Council and its Resolution 1973 (2011).

"We are witnessing a well orchestrated ploy to re-colonise Africa in order to continue to plunder the continent's vast natural resources.

"The year 2010 was designated by Heads of State and Government as ‘the year of peace and security' in Africa. But we witnessed a dramatic turn in North Africa that removed Presidents Ben Ali of Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and eventually spread to Libya," Dr Murerwa said.

He said the turmoil is a threat to peace that currently prevails in some countries in the region and the continent as a whole whose future lies in the hands of the youth.

"Libya is in a state of war and the upheavals threaten the peace and security of the neighbouring states and Africa as a whole. Great concern is the future of African youth since they have been the vanguard of African struggles.

"We need to nurture and develop them by creating educational and employment opportunities. If they are not empowered, the stability of Africa could be jeopardised as western forces bent on formenting conflict in Africa target youths," he said.

He said the current trends in information technology that favours the technologically superior, are being abused on the mindset of the youths.

"The information super highway is being used to influence the thinking of the youth and in some cases revolts against Governments through internet usage.

"Internet programmes have become powerful modes of quick and instant communication which can play a role in development purposes.

"In this case technology has the potential to negatively affect our youths if not properly managed," Dr Murerwa said.

He said the African Union special summit of Heads of State and Government in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is an ample testimony of the commitment of the African leadership to finding lasting solutions to African problems.

In an interview, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Mr Mawampanga Mwana Nanga said people must have faith in African leaders who remain committed to safeguard the gains of the liberation wars that were fought for by founding fathers of Africa.

"Special focus on the youths since the current leaders on the African continent are committed to the visions and benchmarks that were targeted by the founding fathers of Africa's independence," he said.

He said the youth are custodians of the future and they must have faith in leaders who are working tirelessly against all odds.

"People vote for leaders who are following the footsteps of visionary leaders like Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela and Kenneth Kaunda who need trust and support.

"Africans have a tendency of expecting leaders to do everything and the dependence syndrome must end and everyone has to assist in all endeavours," he said.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Dr Koang Dung said the youth need to be equipped with new ideas to increase the rate at which the continent develops.

"Youth need to be empowered through job creation and the sharing of natural resources.

"A conducive environment has to be created for them to avoid conflicts that come as a result of insecurity," said Dr Koang Dung.

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