Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The 'Rot' in the Nigerian Police Force

The 'rot' in the police force

Monday, 25 July 2011 00:00
Mary Ukachukwu
Nigerian Guardian

THE police remains to a great extent the face of the government of the day. The police is a tool in the hands of the powers that be. The so-called over chanted 'rot' in the police force, is therefore the rot in the government.

In the just concluded 'free and fair' elections, in how many states were opposition parties given a chance to campaign? Why could they not? Because the powers-that-be would not allow that.

Any police reform has to start with political reform. We are yet to understand what democracy is. Perhaps, we are yet to wean our minds off the military era. Do we have any criteria for appointing or sacking even the Inspector General of the police? How free is the state comissioner of police from the whims of the State governor?

We all know that even if the police catches a criminal, it takes just a phone call from the right quaters to release the criminal from whatever crime.

It is not that the police do not know what to do, they are no fools- at least the majority of them, it is not that they cannot do it, is is even not so much that they are not adequately mobised, though often they are not. No, it is that they are simply dancing according to the tune the government is calling.

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