Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cuba News Update: Torchlight March for Marti and Cuba; Radioelectronic Aggression Opposed

Havana. January 24, 2012

Torchlight march for Martí and Cuba

Raquel Marrero Yanes and Yohan Rodríguez Blanco

THIS Friday, thousands of torches will illuminate Havana’s streets in honor of José Martí, Cuba’s national hero, on the eve of the 159th anniversary of his birth.

At the Martí Forge, where organizational details are being discussed, Carlos Rangel Irola, national president of the Federation of University Students (FEU) explained that the torches carried by students symbolize this generation’s commitment to the achievements of the Revolution and the backing of Cuban youth for the National Conference of the Communist Party, which begins this Saturday, January 28.

Osnay Miguel Colina, member of the National Bureau of Union of Communist Youth (UJC), called on all those who feel themselves part of Martí’s legacy to take part in the march with homemade torches and in support of the present and future continuity of the homeland.

"It will be a tribute to Martí, to Cuban patriots, to the historic leadership of the Revolution and the five Cuban heroes," he affirmed.

The traditional Marcha de las Antorchas (Torchlight March), comprising the people, members of the Federation of Students in Intermediate Education, UJC and Communist Party leaders headed by the FEU, begins 9:00pm Friday at Havana University’s stairway and goes to the Martí Forge. This year, it will only take place in the capital.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Education, the José Martí Young Pioneers Organization is organizing a political-cultural event for this Saturday at the base of the José Martí monument in Plaza de la Revolución. Similar tributes are planned for the country’s other provinces.

Havana. January 24, 2012

Cuba condemns U.S. radioelectronic aggression

GENEVA, January 23.—Cuba has lodged a complaint before the World Radiocommunication Conference against increased U.S. radio and television aggression on the part of the United States.

Wilfredo López, regulations and standards director of the Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communications, condemned Washington’s open violation of international law, and the provisions of the constitution, agreements and rules of radiocommunications.

Speaking at the first plenary session of the conference, López said that the U.S. continues broadcasting televised material into Cuba from a flying aircraft, property of the U.S. government. Additionally, these transmissions seriously interfere with national radio broadcasting, he noted.

The 2007 Radiocommunication Conference established that any radio broadcasting from aircraft transmitting exclusively to the territory of another country without its consent cannot be considered to be acting within radiocommunications regulations.

It is unacceptable that, in the execution of its policy of subversion against Cuba, the U.S. government is ignoring and infringing standards and commitments contracted by the international community, López noted. (PL)

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