Friday, March 30, 2012

US-backed Somalia Regime Hires Security Firm to Help Patrol Coast

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2012 - 1:45:54 AM

Somalia: TFG hires security group to help protect coast

30 Mar 30, 2012 - 1:39:49 AM

MOGADISH, Somalia Mar 29 (Garowe Online) – An agreement signed by the TFG and a security group that works in protecting coasts was signed by high ranking officials in the TFG earlier this month, Radio Garowe reports.

The security group named Halliday Finch based in Nairobi is an ‘Africa specific risk management consultancy’ that will work with the TFG to help train Somali troops to protect its coast from toxic dumping as well as piracy. According to Halliday Finch’s Coordination director Steven Hardley, the group will conduct projects to help build the capacity of troops in Somalia, so that they eventually turn into a national coastguard. Mr. Hartley who spoke to the VOA said that Halliday Finch had already begun working in Somalia and have been recruiting staff in Somalia and from abroad.

TFG Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Gaas, Defence Minster Hussein Arab Isse, Minister Internal of Affairs Abdisamad Mallin and Minister of Fisheries Abdirahman Sheikh Ibrahim took part in signing this agreement. According to Minister Hussein the preliminary talks between Halliday Finch and the TFG were initiated when Farmajo was Prime Minster and continued by Prime Minister Gaas.

The group is set to conduct projects that will help equip troops protecting the coast, Mr. Hartley said. He added “A lot of the money will be directed back into the Somali community.”

Prime Minister Gaas and other officials have spoken of Somalia’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) which Somalia has struggled to protect from illegal fishing and toxic dumping and the need to protect it.

Defence Minister Hussein in a press release had this to say about why Somalia needed a coastguard, “The need to prevent the plundering of our fishing stocks by illegal fishing, to stop the dumping of toxic waste in our waters and the ability to claim our rights to our Exclusive Economic Zone are some of our highest priorities.”

Halliday Finch according to Somaliareport facilitated the handover of 17 men convicted in Seychelles of piracy to Somaliland officials. The men have already been sentenced to 10-24 years and are serving out their prison term in Hargeysa.


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