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AAPRP Participates in International Anti-Imperialist Symposium in Turkey

AAPRP Participates in International Anti-Imperialist Symposium in Turkey

Posted: 2012/04/24

All-African People`s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) militants joined comrades from across the world for the People`s Unity Against Imperialist Aggression Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey.

The symposium was held between 2-4 March 2012. This was the third symposium organized and hosted by Halk Cephesi (the People’s Front), one of the largest revolutionary socialist parties in Turkey. The AAPRP delegation included a Central Committee representative from the AAPRP Ghana Chapter. The AAPRP first made links with members of the People's Front in 2010 while doing solidarity work in Cuba.

The aim of the symposium was to create genuine and practical unity amongst anti-imperialist forces. Delegates came from all over Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas and contributed to a vibrant and productive symposium. On the first and second day, speakers from various organizations gave their own perspective on how they are struggling against imperialism. A clear message was that the United States is at the forefront of a renewed imperialist push to grab resources and neutralize progressive governments.

Delegates gathered on the third day of the symposium and spent several hours formulating a final declaration. Many important ideological and practical points were discussed in detail and the delegates were able to come to an agreement on a joint declaration. View the Final Declarations:

Dedicated to Eyüp Baş
Final Declaration
March 2-3-4, 2012 İstanbul – TURKEY

We were organizing the symposium meetings in Europe for long years and since 2009 we are holding these meetings in Turkey. We have carried out the third symposium this year, despite the difficulties of organizing an international symposium. We have lost our comrade Eyüp Baş, who was one of the organizers of the first symposium, during the preparations of the first symposium. Our comrade Remzi Uçucu, who undertook responsibilities in the organization of the first symposium is now imprisoned in Ankara Sincan F-Type Prison. Yasemin Karadağ, one of our friends who organized the second symposium is now in İstanbul Bakırköy Prison. Yasemin Karadağ is struggling with the tortures in the prison and with her illnesses. We salute Remzi and Yasemin.

Last year, the popular movements developing in Egypt and Tunisia and the occupation of Libya were in the agenda, while, this year, the process has evolved into preparations for the interventions against Syria, Iran and, as a future target, against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Imperialists are organizing conspiracies against Iran and trying to legitimize an invasion. Like Iran, the imperialists and primarily the USA, is preparing for an invasion by using NATO and their collaborators and by legitimizing the terror of imperialism. It is our duty to stand side by side with the peoples of Syria and Iran and to support their resistance.

We salute the struggle of Lebanon and Palestine against Israeli occupation and struggle of Iraq against US occupation.

This year, revolutionaries, friends and comrades from many countries of the world participated to our symposium. Participants explained the problems of their own countries and shared others’ problems. In this symposium we saw, again and again, the indispensability of taking united actions in the struggle of the oppressed people against imperialism.

This year we came together as the delegates from various organizations in Honduras, Ireland, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, England, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Iran, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Philippines.

Symposium, salutes the revolutionary struggle of the oppressed and exploited peoples of Middle East, Far East, South Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.

Organized in line with our decision in the final declaration of 2nd International Symposium on the Unity of the Peoples against Imperialist Aggression Dedicated to Eyüp Baş, our third Symposium witnessed live discussions and extended horizon of our peoples as it has been the case with other symposiums.

Important developments occurred last year in our region, especially Libya, Egypt and Syria and the imperialist aggressors and their local collaborators carried out dozens of attacks, massacres, provocations and invasions. Various popular movements emerged in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

With this perspective, our symposium took the following decisions:
1.The participants of the symposium admit the necessity of declaring themselves to be a union. It declares that this decision will be put into force after the approval of the organizations in the relevant countries. The Symposiums considers this to be an important step towards the formation of the broadest unity of the oppressed people against imperialism. It arrives to the decision that next year a call will be issued to organize an extended meeting to form an anti-imperialist union among the representatives of the oppressed people, under the light of the conclusions drawn from the past three symposiums.

2.The Symposium protests the policies of exploitation and invasion that places the burden of the crisis upon the shoulders of the oppressed people as the crisis deepens. The peoples of the world have to unite, organize and fight in order to liberate themselves from imperialism and its invasions and to realize the social justice.

3.The Symposium declares that it is a right to resist against imperialism.

4.The Symposium commemorates the martyrs who fell in the struggle against imperialism and its collaborators and salutes the imprisoned militants. The Symposium declares its support to the Cuban 5 and Mumia Abu Jamal who are in the US prisons and to their families; to Ahmad Saadad and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and to their families; to the revolutionary prisoners in the prisons of Turkey and to their families; to Lebanese George Abdallah in French prisons and to his family.

The Symposium demands the immediate and unconditional release of the political and revolutionary prisoners in all corners of the world.

1.Our Symposium demands an immediate end to the isolation policies implemented against the political prisoners in the prisons of imperialist and collaborator countries and it also demands that the humane conditions for the political prisoners should immediately be set up. The Symposium supports the struggle against isolation.

2.In line with the decision that we took in the 2nd Symposium about the international day of action against the military presence of imperialism-Zionism, The Symposium affirms that it will declare an international day of action after a conclusion is reached in negotiations among the members of the symposium committee. After this declaration an international united action will be carried out in all the countries of the member organizations, in front of the imperialist embassies or the institutions that represent them, on the same day at the same time. The Symposium asks for the exposition of the institutions that represent the imperialist aggression and urges that these works are carried out as a campaign. With this perspective, all the representatives are responsible from carrying out the interviews in their own countries and from informing the committee about their date proposal for the international action day. (For example, May 15th, being also the anniversary of the Israeli occupation against Palestine.) This day of action and the following days might be organized as a one-month-long festival in which a chain of concerts, demonstrations, meetings or a boycott campaign against the imperialist-Zionist goods might be realized.

3.The Symposium decides to launch the works about anti-imperialist concerts, events and cultural activities in the international arena.

4.The exploitation by the imperialists and their monopolies destroys the nature in our countries and the world. It pollutes our environment and makes our planet unliveable. Imperialism is the enemy of nature and the human race. Everything is a mere tool for exploitation for imperialists. The Symposium calls our peoples to stand by with their future and homelands, to expose the exploitation and to struggle against the collaborator regimes and the imperialist monopolies that plunder our lands and water.

5.The Symposium calls for a united struggle against the imperialist institutions like IMF; WB, ADB, WTO and all others. The Symposium calls for an immediate cancellation of all military, economic and political agreements and pacts.

6.Against the imperialist exploitation, The Symposium expects the unity of all the peoples and their political representative organizations is ensured. The united struggle shall strengthen the struggle of the peoples. The Symposium suggests that concrete steps are taken in order to form the anti-imperialist unity of the peoples. It declares that this could be achieved only through the internationalist solidarity. Internationalist solidarity develops and strengthens our struggle.

7.The Symposium is against the aggression and oppression policies of EU, IMF and European capitalism and its states, carried out against the peoples of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland under the cover of debt. We call the oppressed and exploited peoples of the world to reject to pay this unjust debt. We say “No” to this reactionary plan. We declare our solidarity with the peoples of Europe.

8.Believing that the Palestinian struggle shall be victorious through an anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist struggle, The Symposium salutes the struggle of the Palestinian people. It demands that the conditions for the return of the Palestinian refugees should be prepared. It hopes that the Palestinian people and the Arabic peoples will struggle together and side by side.

9.The Symposium calls for the unity of all anti-imperialist forces in the South Asia against the US imperialism and its follower, Indian imperialism. It says “Stop” to the open massacres by the Border Security Forces and other military forces of the Indian State against the Bengali people.

10.The local collaborators of US imperialism, primarily Turkey and then the collaborator Arab regimes directed all the weapons of imperialism against the Syrian people. Syrian people is not alone! Today it is our duty to expose the lies and attacks of imperialism and its collaborators all around the world and to stand side by side with the anti-imperialist attitude of the Syrian people. Anti-imperialist consciousness necessitates such an attitude. This Symposium declares its solidarity for the Syrian people and supports the struggle against imperialism.

1.An email group will be formed among the member organizations.
2.Committee will be formed through the emails.
3.Next meeting will be determined after the negotiations.
4.A website will be established and a common database of news will be formed to allow the member countries to issue their own news reports.

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