Thursday, May 24, 2012

ANC Calls on Public to Defend South African President Zuma

African National Congress (Johannesburg)

South Africa: ANC Calls On All Locals to Defend the President

23 May 2012
press release

The African National Congress (ANC) calls upon all South Africans to join President Jacob Zuma, his family, the ANC and our Alliance partners tomorrow, 24th May 2012, at the South Gauteng High Court, corner Pritchard and Kruis Street in Johannesburg, from 9h00, in support of the outrageous depiction of the President in the so-called art by Brett Murray and the Goodman Gallery.

We call upon all South Africans to support this noble course and to demonstrate rejection to this act of indecency, vulgar and disrespect of the Constitution of our country and the values it stands for.

Let us all unite against those seeking to undermine our hard won democracy and our democratic institutions, but above all, the people of South Africa.

We together with our legal representatives are ready to make our argument before the full bench of judges in court tomorrow.

The ANC extends its appreciation for public support and messages received from various organisations and individuals, both black and white, on this matter.

This form of unison is a sign of condemnation by all South Africans to the so so-called craft. Furthermore, this act of unison illustrates that South Africans are intolerant to anyone seeking, regardless of their race, to undermine, divide and distort the values of our society and country.

A very big majority of South Africans did this to indemnify the President and to restore the good moral fibre of our society.

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