Wednesday, December 26, 2012

US-led Counter-revolutionaries in Libya Burn Stamps Bearing Gaddafi's Image

Libyan postal company destroys Qaddafi-era stamps

The postal company is reported to have destroyed millions of Qaddafi-era stamps yesterday

Tripoli, 26 December:

Libya’s postal company set about erasing traces of the former government yesterday morning by burning millions of stamps bearing Qaddafi’s face or “glorifying his image”, according to a statement on the Ministry of Communications’ Facebook page.

The page said that the company had burned 259,434,634 stamps printed by the former revolutionary government at a factory in the Al-Sawani area of Tripoli as part of efforts to rid Libya of what the US-backed counter-revolutionaries call “the black baggage that Libyans lived with through 42 years” of Qaddafi’s rule.

Other recent efforts by companies and enterprises to break links to the previous government include Afriqiyah’s choice of a new logo last week.

Afriqiyah picked the new design after they abandoned the company’s Qaddafi-era logo commemorating the date of the Sirte Declaration on 9 September 1999, which created the African Union from the previous Organization of African Unity.

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