Thursday, October 31, 2013

Somalia Intelligence Involved in United States Drone Attack

Garowe Online (Garowe)

Somalia Intelligence Involved in U.S. Drone Attack - Official

29 OCTOBER 2013

Mogadishu — Federal Government of Somalia's Minister of Interior and National Security Abdikarin Hussein Guled has declared that Somali intelligence officials coordinated the US military drone strike that killed a senior Al Shabaab bomb specialist near the southern Somalia town of Jilib with the US government on Tuesday, Garowe Online reports.

Guled said "following concrete evidences and full intelligence reports" provided by inside sources and the Somali government Ibrahim Ali Abdi (Anta Anta) was killed along with his friend Abu Ali, adding that Al Shabaab officials couldn't escape from such operations.

"After intelligence reports, Anta Anta and Abu Ali were killed and how the attack was coordinated shows that terrorist leaders wouldn't escape from the justice," Interior Minister said while he was speaking to the government radio in Mogadishu.

Continuing, he said that the targeted Al Shabaab commander was the mastermind of suicide bombings which claimed at killed many lives in Somalia.

Eyewitnesses who arrived at the site of the strike in Dhaytubako Village near Middle Juba region's most populous town of Jilib, about 112 km north of Kismayo-former Al Shabaab stronghold and the Jubaland administration's capital city- told the Somali media that Al Shabaab commanders' luxurious vehicle was leveled to the ground by the missile.

Somalia's Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group is yet to comment on the incident which has come weeks after US navy seals carried out a pre-dawn and sea-launched attack in the southern coastal town of Barawe.

Al Shabaab is still active in southern Somalia where the country's weak central government wants to exert credible authority.

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