Friday, August 29, 2014

Revolutionary Guards Commander Chief Says Iran Will Continue to Support Palestinian Resistance
Rockets from Gaza fired into Israeli occupied territories. 
Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:1PM GMT

The commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the Islamic Republic will continue to support the Palestinians against the Israeli aggression.

Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said in a message on Friday that resistance by the Palestinians in the face of the 51-day Israeli military aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip was the starting point for the collapse of the Zionist regime.

The Iranian commander also said the “revolutionary people of Iran and the IRGC” will continue to provide “defense and social” support to the Palestinians.

Elsewhere in his message, Jafari said the Palestinians’ defense infrastructure has to be strengthened as much as possible in the occupied West Bank, adding, “You (Palestinian resistance fighters) should increase the volume, range and precision of your missiles.”

The remarks come after Palestinian resistance groups and Israeli officials reached an agreement on a permanent ceasefire for the besieged Gaza Strip on August 26.

The Israeli regime launched a military campaign against Gaza in early July and later expanded its operation with a ground invasion.

More than 2,130 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip. Some 11,000 others were wounded.

Hamas Political Bureau chief, Khaled Meshaal, has flatly rejected any attempts to disarm the Palestinian resistance movement.

“The weapons of the resistance are sacred and we will not accept that they be on the agenda” of future talks with the Tel Aviv regime, Meshaal said at a press conference on Thursday.

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