Saturday, August 22, 2015

Burundi: Nkurunziza Sworn in For Disputed Third Term
Noting the inauguration today of Pierre Nkurunziza for his third term as President of Burundi, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged him to “pursue a path of inclusivity and reconciliation”, and reiterated his call on all Burundian stakeholders to undertake a broad and transparent political dialogue.

The BBC’s Prime Ndikumagenge in Burundi says the function came as an amazement, as Mr Nkurunziza had been required to be confirmed one week from now.

In his oath, Nkurunziza swore loyalty to the constitution and “to dedicate all my forces to the defence of the best interests of the nation, to assure national unity and the cohesion of the Burundian people, social peace and justice”.

His third time period has been condemned as unconstitutional by the opposition and provoked months of protests.

But the same constitutional article also enshrines a fundamental block of the deal that ended the 1993-2006 civil war, the strict ethnic quotas in power between the majority Hutu and minority Tutsi.

” Nkurunziza had won the elections on the second of July, about 70% of the vote, in elections boycotted by the opposition”.

The situation is increasingly volatile and President Nkurunziza’s ability to effectively govern the country remains in peril as Burundi struggles with the continued aftermath of a deeply flawed electoral process, the closure of democratic space, a declining economy, and increasing violence.

Critics have said that his candidacy for a third term is a violation of the law and the Arusha agreement concluded in 2000 that led to the end of the civil war in 2005 after it lasted for 12 years.

On Sunday the African Union warned that the political crisis in Burundi could have catastrophic consequences for the country and the surrounding region.

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