Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Students Evicted From North West University in South Africa
October 28, 2015 0 90
New Age, South Africa

Situation was volatile this morning at North West University at Mafikeng campus after students were evicted at 8:00am.

The university’s vice-chancellor, professor Dan Kgwadi announced that they decided to evict students from the university because as the management, they want to prepare for examinations.

Kgwadi said this morning that students exams will commence on Monday.

“We want to inform all parents that the students will be evicted from the university this morning. The decision came about after we could not gain any access to the university because of the protests. President Jacob Zuma announced that there will be no increment in 2016, now our students raised other issues that they want transformation in all campuses.

“We can attest to that too. We want transformation and as a vice-chancellor, I will make sure that happens. However we cannot allow the students at Mafikeng campus to vandalise the institution’s resources. I believe there is a third force that influence them because I personally saw some of the people who participated in the protest were not students at the university,” Kgwadi said.

However some of the students refute Kgwadi’s claims and said they will return to the university later today.

A final year Political Sciences and International Relations student, Ofentse Pilane said: “We do not appreciate the way the message was communicated to us. We learnt through media that we will be evicted. What about other students who are from various areas and countries? How would they find an alternative accomodation in the short space of time.”

The North West University students want the council be disbanded because they alleged that it does not cater for their needs.

Currently the student leadership are busy with court interdict and campus remained closed as the police visibility intensified.

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