Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Abkhazia President to SANA: We Support Syria in Its War Against Terrorism
29 November، 2016

Moscow, SANA – President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba stressed his country’s support to Syria in its war against international terrorism.

In an interview with SANA in the Abkhazian capital of Sukhum, Khajimba said the repercussions of the war of terrorism waged against Syria must have had its impacts on Abkhazia in a way or another, “because we are linked to each other and issues of war, peace and the Abkhazian diaspora in Syria unite us.”

“It is important for us that peace prevail all over Syria, because if the situation continues to be like that, we do not rule out the possibility that it expands to other regions including Abkhazia,” he added.

Khajimba stressed that one of the most important means for solving the crisis in Syria is keeping away from interfering in its internal affairs and maintaining its people’s right to solve all the issues related to their present and future, adding “everyone knows that peace prevailed in Syria before the current events, and that the situation was calm and normal. It is true that there were some issues that needed to be addressed just like in any other country, but that cannot be a pretext for the US and European states to interfere and support this or that party with the aim to undermine the structure of the Syrian state.”

On the role performed by Russia regarding the crisis in Syria, the Abkhazian President said the Russian-Syrian relations constitute an example for international relations that are based on the respect of sovereignty of nations and their rights away from meddling in internal affairs, expressing his belief that the crisis in Syria will be finally solved with the help of Russia and other friendly countries.

Regarding the Syrian-Abkhazian relations, Khajimba said these relations have always been of a friendly and cooperative nature despite the lack of intensified communications, expressing hope that peace would prevail in Syria and conviction that the Syrian people and leadership will have time in the future for communication with Abkhazia.

The Abkhazian Capital of Sukhumi witnessed a mass festival for solidarity with Syria, where the participants raised the Syrian flag and banners in Arabic, Russian and Abkhazian that express support for the struggle of the Syrian people against international terrorism.

The Abkhazian President said before the crowd “We gather today to express our support to the brotherly people of Syria,” pointing out that the war of terrorism waged on Syria is a result of the irresponsible policies of some states including the policy of the so-called international players, which consider operations of destroying the states of the region a priority that exceeds the issue of cooperation with Russia, Iran, and other states which are leading a relentless struggle against the global evil represented in terrorism.

The participants expressed appreciation of Russia’s role in supporting Syria in combating international terrorism, calling upon the UN to adopt a resolution that would preserve the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Syria and reach a political solution to the crisis there based on the relevant international resolutions.

R. Milhem/H. Said / Hazem Sabbagh

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