Sunday, July 29, 2018

South Sudan Calls on Holdouts to Sign Governance Agreement
South Sudanese Inormation Minister Mickael Makuei speaks to the press after the signing of the agreement on outstanding issues on governance in Khartoum 25, 2018 (ST Photo)

July 26, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - South Sudanese government said the holdout groups will not stop the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement and called upon them to join it.

The South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) led by Gabriel Changson Chang and SPLM Leaders (FPD) led by Pagan Amum rejected the agreement on outstanding issues on governance chapter pointing to their small ratios in the power-sharing and a contested referendum to determine the fate of the 32 states if the parties fail to strike a deal within a special commission.

"Those who did not sign the agreement are insignificant and we will continue without them if they do not join us," said Government spokesperson Michael Makuei Lueth in statements to the media in Khartoum after the signing of the agreement on outstanding issues on governance on Wednesday.

"Our people have suffered along and that we must bring them peace and harmony. Anybody who has abstained I appeal to him or to her to join the people of South Sudan in this peace process," he added.

Minister Lueth further said the holdout groups still can sign it on 5 August at the final signing ceremony which will be attended by the IGAD head leaders.

"If they cannot make it for any other reason then, definitely they will fix a new date for that," he said stressing that peace will be for the South Sudanese people who suffered from the war.

The South Sudan United Movement of Gadet Peter Yak, a former general who splinted from Riek Machar group, signed the agreement despite a decision of the SSOA leaders to reject it.

The Minister praised the efforts of the Sudanese government to bridge the gaps between the South Sudanese parties.

"In fact, there have been a lot of efforts to discredit the government of Sudan. And we stood hard with the government of Sudan, supporting it so they can make this great achievement," he added without elaborating.

He further called on the American administration to support the agreement and its implementation.

"My message to the United States that we have signed an agreement and they should join us for the implementation of the agreement".

"This (call) is not only for the U.S. but I call upon the international community to come and support the people of South Sudan in the implementation of the agreement so that peace comes to the people of South Sudan," he said.


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