Sunday, August 26, 2018

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Chamisa Starts Journey to Oblivion
Sunday News Online
Aug 26, 2018

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Mr Nelson Chamisa faces a bleak future at the helm of the opposition political party.

After his court bid to overturn the results of the election won by President Mnangagwa failed as announced by the Constitutional Court on Friday, it is back to reality for Mr Chamisa who well before the elections faced internal revolt over the manner in which he usurped power following the death of MDC founding leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

A number of senior party members indicated that Mr Chamisa had fraudulently ascended to the throne, and used all manner of thuggery to oust then party vice president Thokozani Khupe from the party without going to congress which would have decided on who takes over from the late Mr Tsvangirai and becomes their presidential candidate.

After losing the election to President Mnangagwa, Mr Chamisa approached the court alleging that the election was marred by irregularities, but the highest court in the land, made up of nine judges, unanimously agreed that he had no proof or evidence of what he was alleging, and his application was dismissed with costs. The court, led by Chief Justice Malaba then declared President Mnangagwa duly elected President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Word out there is that there are a number of senior party members who are keen to challenge Mr Chamisa and were just waiting for him to fall in the elections. He has fallen and is “now game”. What makes his situation worse is that he is no longer a Member of Parliament and his party performed badly in the National House of Assembly elections where the ruling Zanu PF got a two thirds majority.

Nonetheless, we urge the people of Zimbabwe to get off the election mode and put on work suits as expounded by President Mnangagwa that  priority should be to revive the economy. Elections are now behind us. The people have spoken on who should lead the country and it is time to revive industries, till the land and put food on the table.

President Mnangagwa has urged the nation to be peaceful saying it is now time to build the nation together. He said the 30 July 2018 elections were the most transparent and credible Zimbabwe has ever held. To Chamisa, Cde Mnangagwa said “my door is open and my arms are stretched . . . let us now put whatever differences we might have behind us.”

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Acting Minister and Zanu-PF national spokesperson, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, said the nation should remain calm and accept the ConCourt ruling.

“As the ConCourt delivers its verdict, let the nation embrace the outcome with calm, decency, sobriety and genial composure… The focus should be on unity, peace, non-violence and promotion of irreproachable national conduct. We are one family, one people, and one nation. Forward with economic emancipation.”

He said global attention is on Zimbabwe and the nation should take advantage of the prevailing peace to stimulate economic growth.

“The world is watching with glee. This glorious moment must not be squandered but extend to the future and remain the nation’s political centre.”

He said Zanu-PF supporters’ mature behaviour during the election season has made President Mnangagwa proud.

“The revolutionary party, Zanu-PF, under the leadership of its President and First Secretary Cde ED Mnangagwa, is extremely proud of the manner its members encompassing all structures have conducted themselves before and post the July 30, 2018 harmonised elections,” said Ambassador Khaya Moyo.

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