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Let’s Remain Focused, Says President Mnangagwa
01 JAN, 2019 - 00:01
Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

Zimbabweans should train their focus on building the economy and achieving sustainable recovery in the New Year, President Mnangagwa has said.

The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, said following elections held in the mid-year, attending to the economy and improving the livelihoods and general welfare of the people would be prioritised.

In his 2019 New Year message which was also aired on ZTV yesterday, President Mnangagwa acknowledged challenges faced in 2018, but noted that Zimbabwe showed signs of economic recovery on which it would build on.

“We have risen to the challenges, in every instance drawing from our inner inventiveness and broad, collective unit,” said President Mnangagwa.

“Already, we see strong signs of recovery and growth, which the transient challenges we came across this year, appeared to bedim. Still we need to do more, and to remain singularly focused more than ever before.

“With elections now behind us, the time has now come to refocus on improving our economy in order to improve livelihoods and the general welfare for our citizens. We must draw our sense of unity and purpose, indeed on our political maturity, in order to move ahead.”

In rebuilding the economy, the President said more effort should be committed towards modernising agriculture and industries whose recovery was already underway.

President Mnangagwa said better technologies were also key to the development of the economy.

“Focused on getting the macro-economic environment stable once more, in order to make it supportive of the sustainable recovery we all yearn for,” said the President.

“That means intensifying fiscal consolidation through a raft of measures and adjustments which we are determined to see through.

“Focused on mustering greater support for our agriculture, so we remain a food secure nation and so that our industry continues to have enough raw materials for more activity. We remain hopeful that the predicted El Nino-induced drought will not be as severe, or that if it is so, that our water reservoirs and growing irrigation capacity will offset it.

“Focused on mobilising more and more resources and better technologies for modernising our industries whose recovery is already underway. We need to manufacture more and better, to export more and trade competitively so we create more and better jobs for our youths.

“Focused on stimulating higher production in our mines, as well as opening new mining projects, so our abundant mineral deposits become huge wealth that lift us all. We have to increase output across a whole range of minerals we have in the country, while expanding both domestic and foreign investments for greater value addition and beneficiation to the mineral wealth we have. That way we earn more from our depletable mineral resources.”

President Mnangagwa said several infrastructural projects were already underway while housing projects were on the cards as the Second Republic doubled efforts to transform the lives of the people.

He said concerted efforts should also be directed towards revitalising the country’s tourism sector and re-engagements with other nations.

Said President Mnangagwa: “Focused on rehabilitating, modernising and expanding all our infrastructures, to support and anticipate greater economic activity in the country. Already work on our major highways has begun, with more projects on rail planned in the year about to begin. Projects in the energy sector are steaming well ahead, all the time taking our nation nearer and closer the goal of energy self-sufficiency.

“More housing projects and related infrastructures are planned for the coming year. Budgetary provisions on decentralisation and devolution will see more and more dispersed yet nationally focused economic activity at the local level as envisaged by our Constitution.

“Focused on doing more and better in our services sector, where tourism, among other service activities continues to grow and increase our earnings. This vital sub-sector will be stimulated through the rehabilitation of the Robert Mugabe International Airport by new far reaching decisions we will take on operationalizing our open skies policy and of course through developing new tourism products for more markets. We dare not to slacken on this low-hanging fruit.”

President Mnangagwa challenged institutions of higher learning to produce graduates responsive to industry requirements.

Said President Mnangagwa: “I thus urge all of us to rally behind our Government so we realise our national goals. I eagerly look forward to meeting and interacting with you more in the New Year, which I am confident will be better and more prosperous.”

As people returned from the festive holidays, President Mnangagwa urged the motoring public to respect traffic regulations to avoid unnecessary loss of life.

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