Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Maduro Rejects 'Nazi-Like' Trump Speech, Fake Humanitarian Aid
The Bolivarian Republic will survive and will continue to “pursue its diverse ideas” while respecting the diversity and beliefs of others, the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said. | Photo: EFE

18 February 2019

Donald Trump wants to impose white supremacy on Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro said.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s only thoughts are to stay in the White House and his humanitarian aid is just a show, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said of Trump’s “Nazi-like” speech in Miami, Monday.

"What is it that Trump loves from Venezuela? Oil, coltan, diamonds ... the worst thing is that there are people from Venezuela who serve as puppets. The humanitarian aid is a show, they rob us US$30 billion dollars and they offer us US$20 million in rotten food," Maduro said during a televised response just an hour after Trump concluded his speech in Florida.

"Today Donald Trump was in Miami with a tired rhetoric, questioning the right of our free country to adopt the ideas of human, Christian socialism, with an almost Nazi-styled speech to stunt different ideologies," said Maduro.

Throughout his speech in Miami, President Trump hashly criticized socialism, defining it as an ideology "based on ignorance."

Trump told the crowd of expat Venezuelans and Venezuelan-Americans gathered at Florida International University, “Socialism insists on absolute conformity, it’s not about justice, or equality, or lifting up the poor. It’s about power for the ruling class. And the more power they get, the more they crave. They want to run everything."

Maduro responded, “Donald Trump wants to ban ideologies, political diversity and wants to impose the unique perspective of the white supremacists from the White House."

The United States believes they own Venezuela and have the power to dictate the nation’s future, Maduro said, adding that he believes the U.S. wants to enslave citizens.

However, the Bolivarian Republic will survive and will continue to “pursue its diverse ideas” while respecting the diversity and beliefs of others, the Venezuelan president said.

Over the last year, the northern power has repeatedly attempted to overthrow democratically elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro through various means. First with sanctions, then with threats of a militarized intervention, and more recently coercing its allies to back the self-proclaimed interim president, the opposition lawmaker, Juan Guaido, all with the purpose of confiscating Venezuela’s vast oil reserves, according to U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Trump’s proposal of a militarized intervention into the Bolivarian nation has been rejected by Congress, however, the president has continued his attempts to violate international law and send unsolicited “humanitarian aid” to the “poor Venezuelan boys and girls.”

During the interview, Maduro also noted that although the “humanitarian aid” from the United States has remained in Colombia, the country has continued to receive assistance from the United Nations and also recently received 300 tons of aid from Russia.

Earlier this week, another shipment of medical supplies, weighing an incredible 933 tons arrived to Puerto de la Guaira, Venezuela from Cuba, China, Russia, Palestine, Turkey, among others.

Over 22,570 units of spare parts for medical equipment, 192,000 kit for diagnostic tests and "more than 100,000 kit for cytology" were included in the shipment, which Health Minister Carlos Alvarado said is received regularly in the port city.

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