Friday, March 22, 2019

Sudanese Opposition Working to Include Islamic Trends Promoting Democracy: Arman
March 20, 2019 (PARIS) - The forces of the "Declaration of Freedom and Change" will be the alternative to the current regime, as they have become a broad front said Yasir Arman the Sudan Call foreign relations official. He added that the opposition is working to develop the declaration to include representatives of the Islamic trends in Sudan, on Wednesday.

The meeting of the Sudan Call leadership, which ended Wednesday in Paris, discussed ways to develop the alliance of the "Declaration of Freedom and Change" which also includes the National Consensus Forces, Sudanese Professionals Association and the Gathering of Unionists in Opposition.

According to the final statement, the meeting "decided to encourage and to work towards the development of this coordination and expand it according to an initiative aimed at transforming it into a front to overthrow the regime."

"The Sudanese revolution does not carry an exclusionary agenda, it is against exclusion and totalitarianism in the first place," further said the statement.

"We are going to build a broad front, and the Declaration of Freedom and Change will be the alternative to this regime," Arman told a news conference on Wednesday in Paris.

He stressed the need to differentiate between Islamic forces willing to change, and the Islamic regime, which seized the state in Sudan.

"We will end the state capture and return it to the people."

"The Sudanese Islamic Movement encompasses forces willing to change and accountability and know well that the Islamic movement itself cannot exist without democracy. These forces are welcome. This welcome does not mean excluding anyone who committed an offence of accountability," he added.

Arman reiterated that the "Islamic trends" will remain after the overthrow of the regime, but "what will go is the Islamic regime that destroyed Sudan and destroyed its international and regional relations."

He pointed out that discussions are underway in the Sudan Call on how to absorb the Islamists who are in favour of change and how to work with them, adding they will communicate it soon to their allies in the Declaration of Freedom and Change.

Last January, the Sudanese Communist Party objected the inclusion of the Reform Now Movement of Ghazi Salah al-Din and also the Umma Party of Mubarak al-Fadil al-Mahdi. But, the Sudan Call leader welcomed their decision to end their participation in the government and to support calls for regime change.


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