Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sudan’s Islamists Say Will Not Recognize Government Formed Without Them
Ali al-Haj (SUNA Photo)

April 28, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s Islamist Popular Congress Party (PCP) announced on Sunday its refusal to recognize the expected formation of a transitional presidency council and said it called to appoint a Christian for the post of the prime minister.

Under the pressure of the Sudanese protesters, the Transitional Military Council (TMC) removed three Islamist generals and recognized the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC) as its main partners to lead the transitional institutions.

In a press conference held on Sunday, PCP Secretary-General Ali al-Haj said they are not bound by any bilateral agreement reached between the TMC and the DFC forces, criticizing the Council’s compliance with the pressure of these forces.

"We are not bound by any agreement that we are not part of it, and this is a rule," he said adding "Also, we will not accept any agreement excluding the other political forces. This is a principled position".

Al-Haj was reacting to the announcement made Saturday after a meeting between the military council and the DFC forces about an agreement to form a joint transitional authority after the exclusion of three Islamists generals.

Ali al-Haj stressed that the revolution that toppled al-Bashir’s regime belongs to the people of Sudan and that no political force has the right to impose proposals on the military council nor to exclude a party.

Al-Haj who was part of al-Bashir toppled government said all the political forces had participated in the regime governments during the past 30 years.

Further, he said the military council must pull itself together and should not bow to the pressures

"We also can press and hold sit-ins," he said in allusion to the sit-in of the DFC forces that has been held outside the army headquarters since the 6 April 2019.

The freedom and changes forces that endured the bloody repression for four months say they do not want to reproduce the old regime and all its components.

Also, they point that the PCP leadership preferred to support al-Bashir’s regime rejecting calls from inside the party and the opposition to abandon the "corrupt and totalitarian regime".


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