Sunday, May 26, 2019

Statement of the Sudanese Communist Party on the Progress of Negotiations with the Military Council
The Political Bureau of the Sudanese Communist Party issued the following statement on 20th May 2019 on the progress of the negotiations with the Military Council:

We, in the Communist Party, have continued to emphasize our position regarding the country’s fateful issues that affect the course of the glorious revolution and its main objective of establishing democratic civilian rule, and the rejection of the military coup and military rule. The Communist Party has also remained committed to the charters that we signed with the Forces of Freedom and Change, and to continuing the revolution until it achieves its goals as stated in the slogan declared by the masses: "Freedom, Peace, Justice, Civilian Rule are the People's Choice." The military coup was rejected by the international and regional community which has indicated that sanctions would be imposed against Sudan in the case of continued military rule, as well as against those who obstruct the process of the transfer of power to civilian rule.

It has become clear from the negotiations that took place on Sunday 20th May that the Military Council is intransigent and continues to insist on having a majority and holding the presidency in the Sovereign Council. This would make "military rule" a fitting description for the Sovereign Council. It will affect the process of achieving the objectives revolution: liquidating the remnants of the corrupt regime, reining in counter-revolution which has become active in a desperate attempt to turn the clock back, liquidating the Islamists’ militias, and restructuring the security and intelligence apparatus to ensure that it is limited to information gathering, analysis and provision. It will also prevent achieving the objectives of the revolution in bringing to account the leading figures of the corrupt regime, recovering the looted possessions of the people and abolishing all the laws that restrict freedoms.

We reiterate the Communist Party’s principled position that the civilian forces should have the majority in the Sovereign Council and also its presidency. We will not accept any retreat from this position which enjoys support from the masses of our people that have made enormous sacrifices during the past 30 years and in their revolution that began in December 2018, as well as during their sit-ins in the capital and the regions.

We are confident that the masses of our people will continue their struggle for civilian rule and putting an end to the vicious cycle of military coups that destroyed the country. This will take various forms, by escalating sit-ins in the capital and regions, escalating mass action with marches, demonstrations, strikes and protest vigils, removing the figures of the corrupt regime in the areas of work, and the restoration of trade unions, associations and local government committees in cities, villages and neighbourhoods, as well as the general political strike and civil disobedience to end the military rule and establish democratic civilian rule.

Glory to the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution

Victory to the people of Sudan

Political Bureau
Sudanese Communist Party

20 May 2019

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