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SACP Condemns USA’s Endorsement of Apartheid Israel’s Illegal Settlements on Palestinian Land
20 November 2019

The South African Communist Party (SACP) joins the people of Palestine and all the democratic, anti-colonial and anti-imperialist voices across the world in condemning the apartheid regime of Israel for expanding and building illegal settlements on the land of the Palestinian people. The SACP further condemns the United States of America for endorsing the expropriation of the Palestinian people’s land and their oppression by Israel.

The relentless aggression against the Palestinian people by the apartheid and imperialist regimes of Israel and the U.S. respectively is one of the many examples which show their nefarious policy of domination and subjugation of the peoples of the world. The aggression is underpinned by the regimes’ exploitative agenda to monopolise the control of resources and labour. This is in the interests of the bourgeoisie, the ruling capitalist class both in the U.S. and Israel. The working-class and progressive strata of the world, including right in the U.S. and Israel, need to unite on a national and world-wide bases to stop and end the imperialist agenda.

The stance by the U.S. and Israel is clearly in gross violation of international law. It is in violation of all decisions, determinations and resolutions of international bodies, including the United Nations, on the question of Israel’s settlements on Palestinian land. The condonation by the U.S. of the colonial settlements is driven in the context of an intensified violation of international law by the Donald Trump administration for the full legitimisation of the colonisation of Palestine by apartheid Israel.

The SACP calls upon the United Nations to join the progressive world in condemning both the Israeli act of building its colonial settlements on Palestinian land as well as its condonation by the U.S. The SACP further calls upon the working class of South Africa, the African continent and the entire world to add more militant voices and democratic solidarity action to the call for the end of apartheid Israel’s occupation of Palestine. The SACP will continue to actively participate in all efforts meant to profile the Palestinian struggle for freedom and expose the Zionist Israeli oppressors – for the intensification of the SACP’s campaign for the independence of Palestine and the restoration from Israel of their expropriated and occupied land!

SACP’s response to the National Treasury’s ‘... economic Strategy for South Africa’:


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