Sunday, December 29, 2019

Ethiopian Muslims in Dessie, Woldia to Condemn Mosque Attacks
Muslims protest in Dessie, Woldia, Jimma, among other towns, condemning the attacks on mosques in Motta, western Ethiopia

December 27, 2019

Muslims in Dessie and Woldia, towns in northern Ethiopia, protested condemning the attacks on Mosques and businesses of Muslims in Motta town last week, state media Ethiopian News Agency reported on Friday.

“The attacks in Motta is a shame for us, erodes our cultural values and we condemn it,” Protestors are cited as saying.

Dessie Provisional Mejlis Council President, Sheikh Indris Beshir, said: “We all need to play our part without making a religious distinction to save Ethiopia from havoc at this difficult time.”

The protestors in Dessie and Woldia have also called for respect for the rule of law, to hold politicians who are exploiting religion as a tool for their motive accountable.

The protest was not recognized by the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council which issued a statement on Thursday calling for Amhara Regional State officials to address five key questions in connection with the attack in Motta.

Amhara Regional State as announced that it has arrested 33 suspects in connection with the burning of three Mosques and at least 18 businesses belonging to Muslims in Motta town.

There were also reports of protest in Jimma town, in South West Ethiopia.

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