Saturday, March 28, 2020

Ethiopian Government Supported Traditional Medicine Hopes to Be the Answer to COVID 19
Left to right : Abraham Belay (Technology and Science Minister), Liya Tadesse ( Minister For Health), and Hakim Abebech (Ethiopian traditional medicine healer) Photo credit : Ministry of Innovation and Technology social media page.

March 27, 2020

Ethiopia is working to combine Ethiopian traditional medicine with modern medicine to resolve COVID 19 puzzle.

According to the Innovation and Technology Minister, the lab research phase of the project is completed.

The next step is testing the product. Based on information from the Ministry, it is not a cure. It is said to boost immunity to fight the disease and is free from toxicity.

The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and Hakim Abebech, Ethiopian traditional medicine expert, held a joint press statement in the capital Addis Ababa regarding the product.

The research is underway as per World Health Organization standards, said Dr. Abraham Belay, Minister for Innovation and Technology. And relevant Ethiopian authorities believe that the project is promising and the product could soon be available for the public.

The Ministry said that it would announce once the product gets clearance. Until then, the Ministry of Health advised that Ethiopians adhere to World Health Organization prevention methods.

Ethiopia has over 6500 plant species, and hundreds of them are endemic to the country.

The number of confirmed Patients in Ethiopia has reached 16, although there are fears that the number could be much higher if the test is administered.

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