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Martyrdom Seekers Storm a Ugandan Military Base in Mogadishu Port

Martyrdom seekers storm a Ugandan military base in Mogadishu port

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Mogadishu

(09/06/2011) - As the battles in Mogadishu continue to escalate, the Mujahideen continue to carry out brazen attacks deep inside enemy territory. To thwart the false claims of success by the Ugandan forces, the Mujahedeen devised a set of plans to weaken the aggressive African invaders.

Among the first of these plans to be executed was the assault on one of the largest Ugandan military bases in the capital on Monday 30th May.

Located on Makka Al-Mukarrama road, which is one of the vital arteries leading to the Presidential palace and the airport, the compound occupied by the Ugandan forces served as a large depot and one of the main bases from which major operations were launched.

The Mujahideen from the "Martyrdom Brigade" attacked the Ugandan troops in the building and in a battle that lasted more than 40 minutes, took control of the entire compound - leaving an estimated 33 Ugandan soldiers either dead or injured.

Allah has rewarded two of the martyrdom seekers with that which they sought, by the permission of Allah, while the rest of the Mujahideen returned to their battalions safe and sound. In another carefully planned and perfectly executed assault, an armed group of Martyrdom Seekers today managed to infiltrate another Ugandan position at Mogadishu port.

The port serves as an economic pipeline for the African and apostate troops in Mogadishu and is regarded as one of the most heavily-guarded territories after the main airport. It is also where the African troops receive their supply of military weapons.

At the appointed time, the Martyrdom Seekers launched their assault on the Port, instantly killing 3 Ugandan soldiers huddled at their post. Terrified by the gunfire inside the port, the Ugandan soldiers rushed to their guns, but it was too late.

The Mujahideen quickly dealt with the rest of the soldiers and in a prolonged battle killed a total of 23 Ugandan and Somali soldiers in their martyrdom operation. Effective in their approach by the grace of Allah, operations such as these remain a true testament to the weakness of the Ugandan army, undermining the capacity of the Ugandan soldiers to maneuver and settle peacefully in Mogadishu.

In 2009 a martyrdom operation rocked the Halane compound - the largest Amisom military base in Somalia - killing dozens of soldiers and senior commanders. A year later, a group of Mujahideen from the Martyrdom Brigade launched an attack on Mogadishu's airport - manned by Ugandan troops - killing dozens and leaving the shaky foundations of the airport in ruin.

The Mujahideen vow to continue such blessed attacks, expecting nothing but the pleasure of their Lord. We ask Allah to accept these brothers as martyrs in His cause and grant them the highest of His gardens and His pleasure. Press Office Al Kataib Foundation For Media Production Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen 1432/07/07 09/06/2011

Source: "Sada Al-Jihad Media Center"

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