Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nigerian Fashion Icon Talks About Her Style

Omowunmi… Ever Glowing and Timeless Beau

Sunday, 12 June 2011 00:00 BY OYINDAMOLA LAWAL
Life Magazine

SINCE Omowunmi Akinnifesi won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria crown in 2005, she has regularly generated media attention with her bold fashion statements.

With her stunning appearance at events, Omowunmi, CEO of Elle Poise, and Lagos State Environment Ambassador, has become one of the most talked about stylish ladies in town. She is one style icon who exudes confidence even in simplicity.

Speaking on her dressence, Omowunmi says, “I like to keep my style simple, elegant, sophisticated, timeless and definitely not over the top.”

With her elegance, the ex-beauty queen was earlier in the year voted 2011 Vanguard Allure Fashion Icon of the Year.

Let your bag speak

Handbags are some of the most important accessories of a woman. They create impressive and lasting impact for the carrier and her admirers.

To take after Omowunmi’s trend, opt for classic bags in beautiful colours, attractive designs and innovative shapes. Aside complementing your dress, these bags project your personality, and impresses unspoken words to the onlooker.

Says Omowunmi, “I love bags, I can wear something very simple or inexpensive, but my bag has to make a statement. I just believe the bag gives the total look the wow effect! If people can see the label on your clothes by looking at you, let the bag do the talking, too. I think my bags tell my taste most of the time, but definitely not to the detriment of the choice of my accessories.”

Simple and casual

Omowunmi loves simple, classic cuts and a pair of fairly high heels. She opts for bold colours, prints and details, to add an interesting dimension to a classic cut.

Your necklines

The chic draws attention to her neckline either by leaving it bare or accessorising it. When wearing a heavily embellished neckline, keep accessories simple.

Your slim waist

Just like the ex-beauty queen, draw attention to your slim waistline with the use of a wide waist belt or wear sash dresses.

Metallic shoes

Omowunmi likes metallic strap shoes. So, when shopping for red carpet shoes, remember to include metallic stuffthat would complement and spice up your outfit.

Red carpet look

Our lady sure knows the right attire for the right event. This, in fact, has been the cutting edge for her. She is always seen in dresses that accentuate her feminine silhouette.

Personalise your style

Omowunmi always adds her individual flavour to her red carpet fashion. When dressed in African print, she mixes both western and African traditional pieces to create something new.

She says: “I always try to wear my stuff and do my thing because I believe in setting the pace. One thing that is important to note is that trends would always come and go, but style remains the same.”

Be confident

Some people do not feel great about the way they look, so they just hide themselves and feel awful. But Omowunmi is confident with her looks!

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