Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sierra Leone People's Democratic League Condemns Senegal President for Recognizing Libyan Rebels


Public Release Statement 11 June, 2011.


We, as Sierra Leonean citizens and as people of good conscience, and as affiliate of the Green Charter International (GCI), for peace, democracy, human rights, freedom and human dignity are disturbed by announcement of vsit recently to Libyan based foreign mercenaries and terrorists in Benghazi, by President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal.

We condemn in the strongest term such visit, which was nothing but a serious attack on the national soverignty, independence and territorial integrity of Libya, and an afront to African solidarity.

The Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) rejects President Wade’s stupid call for Muammar Qathafi to relinquish the sovereignyt of Libya and hang the dignity and integrity of the Libyan people to foreign murderous terrorists on the African soil. It is also a declaration of war against Africans and an attempt to aid and abet NATO’s heinous crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Libyan people.

While we, like millions of others in and outside Africa condemn United Nations wicked declaration of support for destruction of Libya and Africa, and decision by the world body to give the US and allies a carte blanche to launch violent campaign and crusade attacks against the people of Libya, we consider the evil alliance between Mr. Abdoulaye Wade and the rats and cockroaches in Benghazi as criminal and betrayal of the conscience of the African nation.

The principles of the conscience of the African nation include:
1. Peaceful and unified Government of the Republic of Africa.
2. Respect for the illuminating personality and integrity of African leaders.
3. Defending and promoting the noble rights and democratic freedoms of Africans everywhere.
4. Political stability, development and prosperity of Africa.
5. The happiness of Africans everywhere.
We will tell the people of Africa and African descents in the diaspora that Mr. Abdoulaye Wade’s foolish romance with the terrorists in Benghazi does more evil than good to the people of Senegal and Africa.

It has increasingly become clear that the terrorists in Benghazi are a bunch of Western mercenaries and terrorit al-Qaeda outfits in the Maghreb recruited to unleash terror on the people of Libya. The newest strategy of NATO to launch a shameful and disgraceful naked aggression on the people of Libya is criminally intended to physically liquidate Muammar Qathafi, annihilate the black population in Libya and install CIA backed Zionist government in Africa as they have done in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and others.

We call on all governments, including the government of Sierra Leone, led by President Ernest Bai Koroma to state publicly Sierra Leonean peoples solidarity and support for Libya against NATO terrorism. We ask our governments to promote the African Union’s (AU) position on Libya, and to condemn any attempt by any government or alliance seeking to advance its own military interests or pursue its own policy agendas in any region in the name of supporting democracy.

By Mulku Sulaiman Salieu Dumbuya
PDL National Secretary for Information and Mass Mobilisation
Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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