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Al Jazeera to Give More False Reports of Gaddafi Death

Jazeera to give false reports of Qaddafi death

Posted: 2011/09/04
From: Mathaba

Mathaba issues warning that the CIA Arab station Al-Jazeera TV which is run by prostitute rent-boy Emir of Qatar is going to make a false report of African leader Muammar Qaddafi claiming he is dead

by Marie Edwards

There is a report that tonight or tomorrow Al-Jazeera TV network will give a false story with photos of the Libyan leader’s death.

The events occur in the following order:

1. Tonight in Bani Walid heavy NATO bombing.

2. Than the mercenaries will assault the city.

3. The terrorist rats will announce that the Libyan leader has been captured and killed in the assault.

4. The goal of this new scam is to induce the Libyans to surrender.

A person who has direct contact to sources says that a group of well-trained professionals will try to "finish off" all members of the family of the leader. According to this person who does not wish to give his name, this group of mercenaries has orders to leave no family member alive, including the children.

Beni Walid families are living through terrible moments, totally besieged without water or food.

The people of Tripoli are seeing that Al Qaeda is everywhere in the streets. You can also see foreign troops of France, Britain, Italy, USA, etc. in the streets.

Mathaba assures all readers that Muammar Qaddafi is very well and in a strong and safe position and cannot be reached by NATO nor its ground cannon fodder.

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